15 People Share the Ways They Would Definitely NOT Want to Die


This is a pretty morbid question to consider, but that’s what AskReddit is about sometimes, right?

What is a way you would absolutely NOT want to die?

AskReddit users shared their opinions on this unsettling question.

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1. That’s not good

“I remember reading about this guy that fell into a pit of concrete powder, and he inhaled some of it. It set in his lungs, causing him to very slowly and painfully suffocate.”

2. Burning up

“Lava. it’s a lot worse than movies make it look.”

3. Uggghhhh

“Being put in a big metal container naked then having the container get heated by a fire. It would be way worse than just being caught on fire.”

4. In the mud

“Drown in the mud like soldiers during WWI.”

5. No!

“Glow Worms. The way they kill their prey is one of the most painful ways to die in the animal kingdom. They use the silk stands to attract prey, paralyse them, drill a hole in the side of their head and fill their insides with stomach acid, then leave them – for 2 weeks to digest.”

6. Nightmare

“Getting buried alive.”

7. Quite an imagination

“Surviving a High-speed Car crash only to come out of surgery, live in massive pain for two days and then your heart gives out from all the excruciating pain.

Or surviving a fire but over half your body is covered in 3rd Degree wounds, only to die weeks before being cleared to leave and having to spend all those years in the burn unit only to never see the outside world again.”

8. This is real and scary

“Brain eating amoeba.”

9. Yikes

“Being skinned.

I mean it like being flayed while fully conscious.”

10. Not ideal

“John Jones, who got stuck upside down in a super tight cave passage in Utah and rescuers couldn’t get him out… so they had to just let him die and then sealed the cave up.

Yeah. Not my ideal bucket kicking.”

11. Sounds like a horror movie

“Cheese grater.”

12. Enclosed

“My biggest fear is being crushed to death, or being stuck in such a way that I can’t move. I don’t have severe claustrophobia, I’ll climb in a small enclosed space if it’s safe no problem, I used to do it all the time when I was a welder. But seeing pictures like this just give me high blood pressure.”

13. Scary

“Driving off a bridge into deep water. Its never happened to me, but for some reason the sound of a windshield cracking upon impact with water and the feeling of a seatbelt digging into my neck and hips pop up in my nightmares a lot. I have a hard time crossing bridges in vehicles, thanks to that.”

14. Not pleasant

“That one torture method where they leave a rat on top of your stomach trapped and starve the rat so it digs through your stomach. Crucifixion sounds pretty bad too or being burned in gasoline .”

15. That’s depressing

“Dying alone and slowly from old age, after everyone I know is dead.”