People Share the Worst Career Advice They’ve Ever Received

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When you’re young, people are FULL of advice about what you should and should not do with your career. But you shouldn’t listen to every single bit of advice that you hear, because people of all ages are absolutely clueless — it’s a fact, as this insightful and funny Twitter thread makes clear.

Psychologist Adam Grant posed the question to Twitter: What’s the worst career advice you’ve ever received? People of all ages and professions chimed in to share their answers, including an amazing cameo from Monica Lewinsky herself.

Some of the bad advice that people received was about whether to go to school or not. You don’t always need a specialized degree! And if you do get one, it’s okay to take your time with it!

Then there’s all that advice about being a workaholic to get ahead.

And outdated advice about staying at a job for a whole decade.


Plus more outdated advice about working on the internet vs. newspapers.


One particularly insightful piece of bad advice was shared by writer Mary Fernando, who was told not to “get distracted.”

“My advice: let yourself fall in love with your distractions,” she wrote.

But perhaps the WORST advice of all was shared by none other than Monica Lewinsky.

I mean. You can’t beat that!