People Share the Worst “G-Rated” Insults They’ve Ever Received


Sometimes an insult that isn’t laced with profanity hurts way worse than the cusses we’re used to hearing. You know what I’m talking about.

AskReddit users shared the worst G-Rated insults they’ve ever received in their lives.

1. Ouch

“A toddler once told my sister “I like your mustache” while gently poking her upper lip.”

2. Burn!

“This is why everyone talks about you behind your back.”

3. That’s pretty bad

“I was once told I was more disappointing than an unsalted pretzel.”

4. I don’t think she’s interested

“Me : “”What are you doing on Friday?”

Girl : “I’m washing my hair”

(Oblivious) Me : “So what about Saturday?”

Girl : “I’ll think of something.”

5. Hahaha

“Not said to me, but I died when I heard a kid say, “You look like you came from a donation pile.”

6. A better joke

“My 7 yo sister had kissed a boy in school and I was joking about it, like ‘oooh, you kissed him on the lips’.

She then proceeded to write me a note next to her drawing of me: “I kissed a boy but you are 26 and still don’t have a boyfriend. That’s a funnier joke.”

7. Movie quote

“That quote from Full Metal Jacket always gets me good.

“Your parents have any kids that lived?”


“I bet they regret that.”

8. Not a good thing

“Someone called me a crunchy lizard once, in reference to my hair gel.

I asked why that was a bad thing.

She said, “A crunchy lizard is not a happy lizard.”

9. You can do it!

“Stupid people can believe in anything, so you can believe in yourself!”

10. That’s harsh

“If Mr. Rogers was your neighbor, he’d move.”

11. Useless

“You’re like a lighthouse in the middle of a desert; Bright, but not a lot of use.”

12. Hmmmm

“Its impossible to underestimate you.”

13. Downer

“I was called a gray sprinkle on a rainbow cupcake… harsh.”

14. Uggghhhh

“My card was declined buying a coffee and a 14 year old girl next to me offered to pay for it because “she could tell i really needed a win.”

15. The joy of children

“Daddy, you are boring, and you have stinky feet.”

I swear I want that on my tombstone.”

Oh wow! Epic burns.

Suck a butt, dad!

Burn city!

Haha, anyway… do you have any G-Rated insults you want to share?

Do that in the comments, dummy!