People Share Their Best “I F*cking Told You So” Moments

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Ahhhh, the thrill of proving someone wrong…

It’s glorious, isn’t it?

Especially when they’ve been putting up a fight and insisting they were right when you knew all along that they were totally full of shit.

It’s such a great feeling to stare them in the face and say, “I fucking told you so!”

Let’s jump into some good stories from AskReddit users about when this happened to them.

1. Bad neighbor.

“Had a new family move in next door several years ago and caught “husband smacks his wife around” vibe almost immediately. She wouldn’t look at anyone, smile, almost looked like a zombie.

Dude tried interacting with other neighbors and seemed to be doing a good job pretending he wasn’t an abusive person. One day, ran into one of the neighbors and we started talking about the newbies on the block. My neighbor didn’t seem too concerned, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that new dude was bad news.

Fast forward three months and my wife and I were woken up by some loud banging and screaming. As she called the cops, grabbed my firearm to go see what was going on. Next thing I see is the neighbor’s wife running out of their front door, naked and bloody, pleading for help.

Ended up holding dude at gunpoint until police arrived 10 minutes later. Turns out he had beaten her so bad he had broken several bones in her face, two fingers, and she had deep bruising on her throat from trying to choke her to death.

The next morning, I made a point to say “I fucking told you so” to anyone who thought that worthless piece of shit was a good human. And yes, he was arrested and charged.

Spent 6 months in jail and they took off with one another the second he was released.”

2. Mom should listen next time.

“My mom and I were driving out of state someplace when her car (79′ Bronco) started to hesitate and almost stall.

I told her it was probably the fuel filter, but as far as she was concerned, I was a just teen who didn’t know anything, so she pulls into some hick-garage, guy gives her some story about it probably being a “blocked catalytic converter”, cleaned it out while we had to wait an hour or so, charged her $100+ bucks (this was in the 80’s), and sent us on our way.

About an hour down the road….same thing again.

She pulls into another place, this time I spoke up about the fuel filter, guy agrees that might be what it is, pops off the air-cleaner, takes off the fuel-filter going into the carb., then tries to blow into it like a whistle.


Grabbed a new one, put it on in like 2 minutes, charged something like $20, and we had no problems after that.

I even tried telling her earlier that exact same problem happened when my dad was driving it one time and that’s what was causing it, but she wanted nothing of it.”

3. We’re safe here…

“About 5 years ago, during the protests here, I was sitting outside at a back-street cafe in Istanbul (where I live) having a drink. A

t the table behind me, another male expat was chatting to two 20 something Turkish women telling them about his brave exploits. Everyone on the street was keeping an eye on a group of riot police at the end of the small street, and when they started to put their helmets on, I knew it was time to go indoors.

I turned to the three of them behind me and politely suggested they do the same. The guy said something like, no, it’s ok…we’re safe here. About 5 seconds later, the whole street was filled with both teargas canisters and fireworks being shot from a group who had been waiting around a corner.

After they ran inside, he asked a waiter to get his drink from the table outside.”

4. We warned him.

“My little bro’s gf. We ALL warned him. She was in her mid thirties when he had just turned 21, she gave off real bad vibes. It was weird

Then she gets pregnant (mind you 2 months into knowing her). He says no biggie

Then she says she is keeping the baby and does not want him involved at all. He being 21, she rakes him over the courtroom to take full custody. Knows hes short on money so delays and delays hearings because he fights to be in his son’s life.

Her entire family steps in trying to instigate terrible circumstances and it gets worse and worse. So bad that the courts allow him to wear go pros to the baby exchanges and have witnesses in public spaces to try and thwart such crazy reactions from her and her family.

Long story short, he had to sign an agreement to never even attempt to see his child again in the hopes it saves his life from a downward spiral of depression and financial loss.

Im sure we’ll hear more from her as soon as he starts making good money. He’s certain its over…

I hate to say it but we all tried to tell him.”

5. Food poisoning is not fun.

“Told my housemate the salmon he just bought from the shop smelt really bad and he shouldn’t eat it. Got hurled abuse back at me saying “I just bought it there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Queue being woken up in the early hours by said housemate vomiting his guts up with food poisoning.

“I fucking told you”, Tim!”

6. Woke up this way!

“My friend gave me a simple description of her boyfriend and I told her that he sounded like garbage.

Literally a week later after getting drunk he “woke up” between two girls.

If I knew after one description you should have known long ago.”

7. A horrible person.

“My mother had a friend that nobody liked, but everyone felt bad for. She was litteral horrible person, and I hated her. I always warned my mom that she was gonna backstab us one day. They would have occasional arguments, but always made up.

She would talk bad about me in particular, behind my parents back. Once my mom caught her, but said nothing. Her kids were HUGE liars, and one day, my mom finds out that they accused my younger brother (not even a teen) of asking their daughter for some pictures, if you know what I mean. I looked at my mother and said “I told you so!”

We don’t talk to them anymore.”

8. Cut her out.

“My sister had a horrible narcissistic “friend” who I had told her repeatedly to cut out of her life. This girl never gave a shit about my sisters life, only wanting the attention on her. She was jealous of my sisters BF and would say my sister should kick him out so she could move in.

She would get mad that my sister didn’t wish her a happy godmothers day on mothers day. She was super possessive of my sister, the 3 of us were together talking about something traumatic that had just happened to my sister and she would drag her away saying she needed to talk privately to her constantly just so my sisters attention would be solely on her and she could talk about her bf instead of what we were talking about.

I called her out to her face before for treating my sister like shit literally in front of me and all she focused on was that I called her selfish. She would try to emotionally manipulate my sister to get her way for years and my sister would always forgive her because she was the only person from school she still kept in contact with.

Until two weeks ago when the friend said my sister needed to hurry up and get over her recent pregnancy termination due to complications so she could listen to her problems as other people are going through things too. My sister finally realised that all the friend cared about was being the centre of my sisters attention, something which she never returned.

She called the friend selfish, blocked her on everything, and finally cut the cancer out of her life.

She said I was right, I literally said I fucking told you so.”

9. Don’t have a good feeling about this one.

“Good friend dated a guy who was in his early twenties when she was sixteen. I knew it wasn’t a good idea, and I didn’t have a good feeling, but she said it was fine. By the end of the relationship she had tried to get him a job, which he didn’t go for even though he said he really wanted the job,

She had loaned him rent money, she gave him weed money, and a bunch of other stuff. In the end, she finally dumped him and called him out for everything. Well I bet you wish you listened to me now don’t you?”

10. That looks unsafe.

“My pregnant wife and I were staying in a well known hotel in Killarney (Kerry, Ireland). There was a second story being built on to an existing extension,visible from our window. It was being built by a huge well-known contractor.

I noticed something about the build that I thought was very unsafe and reported it to management. I’m not a builder or a civil engineer so they didn’t take much notice. I then went to the building foreman and told him of my concerns.

He assured me everything was safe, I wasn’t convinced and they continued with construction. I went back to management and told them I was really concerned but it was obvious they considered me nothing more than an inconvenience.

To cut a long story short, within hours a very large portion of the new wall collapsed missing bus full of tourists by a few yards. I got my “I fucking told you” moment, but they never acknowledged their fault or mistake.”

11. Dammit, Nancy…

“On Monday in the second week of march, I went to my boss and said we needed to think about postponing our upcoming event because of COVID-19. She wanted me to distribute fliers and start ramping up advertising.

I said I thought it might be a waste of resources, and inappropriate considering large gathering were starting to be banned.

She said, “No, it’s in three weeks, this virus thing will all be cleared up by then.”

That Friday they announced we were sheltering in place. We are still sheltering in place.

I fucking told you so, Nancy.”

12. You are NOT the father!

“My wife’s cousin had a new kid.

To me, it was clear as day that her cousin’s boyfriend wasn’t the father. Nobody believed me. Four years later, she admitted he wasn’t the father.”

13. No parking.

“My ex parked in a disabled spot outside our house. Someone in our street clearly uses it. Told her not to park there for obvious reasons, and that she’d get a fine.

Next morning she’s crying cause she got a $500+ fine. “Yeah no shit”.”

14. My uncle.

“In October of 2018, my mom informed me that my uncle would be temporarily moving in with us. Now I wouldn’t have a problem with it, except that he’s a convicted criminal. He got arrested and locked up multiple times for the following reasons: giving pot to his 18 y/o son, running drugs, and domestic violence.

Him and my father have some mental issues from being sexually abused as kids so they’re both kinda messed up. My uncle is a pathological liar. He has lied about his job, criminal status, his girlfriend, and has tricked many gullible women into giving him money.

Anyway, the day my mom told me he was moving in, I lost it. I gave her a ton of reasons why he shouldn’t move in and that my parents are making a huge mistake. He just got out of jail in Alabama for gods sake (or so we thought). Spoiler Alert! She didn’t listen.

He ended up moving in and getting a job a couple blocks away from our house. It’s truck repair store who would payed him minimal wage. At this point, my dad is at an all time high (he’s bipolar). He absolutely loves his brother since he’s the only family who’s always been good to him.

I actually don’t mind my uncle that much just because he’s always been nice to me, but it’s just a persona. Him and my dad went shopping, test drove expensive cars, and had a lot of fun. At this point, it was about November. He moved out from the blow up mattress on our living room floor into his bosses house (I know, it’s weird). My mom was getting cancer treatment and what came next really stressed her out.

A woman messaged my mom on Facebook telling her that a man with our same last name scammed her out of money. Wonder who that is! At this point in the story it gets pretty complicated so I’m just going to simplify it. Multiple other woman come forward about him.

Whilst these single mothers are struggling and out about $6000, my uncle is in Hawaii with his millionaire friends. Good guy, right? All of a sudden, he disappears. My dad, the woman, and his friends couldn’t get ahold of him. I guess he was using a trap phone. One of the woman he scammed went to the gym he works out at and found out some detectives from DC were looking for him.

Here’s the good part. He had been running from the cops this whole time. He was supposed to go to jail in Alabama, but missed his court dates and flew over here. So I guess we unknowingly harbored a fugitive for a couple weeks. He was in prison for about 7 months before they released him last month. He’s protected by the state so now he has to stay here to avoid getting arrested and taken to Alabama.

He’s 43 and living with his parents. A real winner! Because of my parents’ decision to house him whilst he got back on his feet, he came into our community and scammed gullible women. I enjoyed a nice “I told you so” with my parents after that one.”

15. Loser!

“My sister. Every dude she brought home I would tell her he is a loser. Acts like a loser, carries himself like a loser, talks like a loser. I’d warn her.

She said I was judging them. I needed to see their good side. Every dude had at least 1-3 kids by other women.

She now has 7 kids from 5 different men. I told her 🤷‍♀️”

16. Heart defect.

“I had a congenital heart defect called HCM. I was 33 years old and otherwise perfectly healthy. However, It got to the point where I could walk across the living room without feeling sick, like I was going to pass out/ throw up. I went to the E.R.

They said I was fine. Then one day I vomited and passed out. Went to the E.R. They said I was fine. One morning passed out and hit my face on the bathtub where my wife found me. Went to the E.R. They said I was fine.

It seriously got to the point where I was convinced it was psychosomatic. But that last time, after my wife found me bleeding from my head when i hit the bathtub, she told the doc we weren’t going home. They needed to transfer me to another hospital, 3 hours away, where they have a specialized heart center.

We get there and they run a test to see the pressure of my heart, like, how effectively it’s pumping blood. Turns out it sucks… really bad. I was immediately put on a transplant list and a month later got a new heart.

Man, I knew I was sick, and those E.R. Docs almost had me convinced it was all in my head or I was exaggerating my symptoms. Told them so. Almost two years post transplant with zero problems.”

What about you?

What’s a time when you said “I fucking told you so!” to someone?

Tell us your stories in the comments!