People Share Their Scary Stories That Are Also True

As a lover of all things scary and creepy, I can say without hesitation that I am extremely excited to read these stories.

What’s not to like?

We’re about to get a big helping of creepiness and, what’s even better, they’re all TRUE.

Let’s get spooky with folks on AskReddit.

1. Haunted house.

“When my grandparents bought their house for a family of 10, my grandpa found a fake wall upstairs.

He tore it down to make more room for the family. Behind the wall we’re children’s clothes and play toys, almost like they walked off the room in a hurry. My mom told me stories of sitting in her room and something circling the walls around her sounding like wall paper being torn.

When she moved out, my aunt moved into the same room. She would wake up with pictures she hung up laying on her chest in the morning. My cousins also have stories of hearing footsteps coming up the stairs and stopping outside their door in the middle of the night.

I still don’t go upstairs at their house because it’s always cold and I get weird vibes up there. Even in my adult life I have scary dreams that take place in their upstairs.”

2. Old boys home.

“Four years ago , I lived in a very large farm house , that was converted into two apartments.

The house was known as the ”old boys home”. It was used to house boys with behavioral issues but was closed due to allegations of molestation. Anyway , I was living with my boyfriend and three year old daughter at the time. My bedroom had a large fireplace that had been boarded up and painted over.

I decided to push my bed up against it one day while I was rearranging things , It was like a headboard. That night , around 1 am I had heard a small voice saying ‘mom , mom , mommy’. I had sat up in bed but didn’t see anything so I reached over my boyfriend trying to grab down to grab my daughter and put her in our bed. I kept feeling around and I was still hearing the voice but I couldn’t feel her.

My boyfriend woke up and turned the bedside lamp on asking me ” What the hell are you doing ”. I explained that Amelia was trying to get in our bed and I was reaching for her. There was nobody there. My daughter was sound asleep in her room. Then the next night came. Around 1 am again my dog had started to wimper at out door so my boyfriend got up to take him outside. You know that feeling in a bed when someone lies down next to you?

Where the bed pushes in and there is a warmth in your back? I felt that , So I assumed my boyfriend had come back to bed. I rolled over , my boyfriend wasn’t in the bed and I felt the f*cking bed release pressure , whatever was laying next to me has gotten up in that second.

I moved my bed the next day to the other side of the room and I never had another incident in the two years I remained in that house.”

3. Saying goodbye.

“My wife and I were having a great weekend in Las Vegas when my father-in-law passed away in the early morning hours. We get the call and haul *ss to get back to the rest of the family. After a couple of hours the family is all together and talking sharing memories when we arrive. S

hortly after we arrive it gets brought up how are we going to share this news with our niece (who was in prison at the time). While trying to figure it out a call comes from out of no where ….. its our Niece and she asks what happened to Grandpa.

She had a dream that he visited her and said good bye. She freaks and calls us.


4. Relics from another time.

“My wife and I stayed at a nice hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. It was where I asked her to marry me after a lavish meal. I picked the room because it came with a huge Japanese soaking tub that me, a 6’1 man, could barely see over the edge of.

Anyway, the first night we stayed there, we were sleeping in the single king bed. I believe the alarm clock said it was 2 or 3am. To my left, and just a few feet from me, I heard the sound of a what seemed like a pencil slowly rolling down a sloped surface.

It was so deliberate and loud that it woke us both up. It was also so deliberate that, while my heart thumped in my chest from the sudden noise, I quickly convinced myself that it was a pencil sliding off the desk in our room and I went back to sleep.

The next morning, to my surprise, I found that a.) there were no pencils in the room and b.) there was no desk. It was my first night in the room so I assumed that it, like other hotels, had a place to sit and write. Well–that was not the case. The only thing I could find to write with were ballpoint pens with their caps on.

They wouldn’t make that distinctive, loud noise that a ridged, wooden pencil makes as it rolls. Furthermore, there was no sloped surface in the room for anything to suddenly roll off of in the middle of the night / morning.

The whole thing was weird enough for us to talk about it that morning. I do not believe in ghosts but to be honest, I’d love to encounter something unexplained. I entertained the idea of a ghost pencil, but knew in my head it had an explanation grounded in reality.

But that’s not all that happened.

That night we were both in the soaking tub. The water was up to my chin. It was great–we were in the middle of February, a cold and miserable month in Pittsburgh. We were sloshing around in the tub having a blast, pretending we were rich.

And then, from the other room, we heard the buzzing of an old microphone hooked up to a PA system. Basically, that sound of feedback that precedes an announcement. The whole room filled with the buzzing sound of microphone feedback. Our hearts thumped in our chests yet again. And then we both practically jumped out of our own skins.

We heard the distinctive sound of someone blowing into a microphone to test it. “Whoooth Whooth.” You could see it in your head it was so distinctive, just like the pencil. My heart went from thumping wildly to thrumming like a hummingbird’s. Naked, I lept from the tub and threw a towel around myself.

“That was a man blowing into a microphone.” I said. My wife stayed in the tub, scared and quiet. I searched our room and did not find a speaker, or any kind of speaker grill embedded into a wall or the ceiling. We could not for the life of us find a potential source for the sound other than an iHome speaker that was already playing music from my iPhone.

So that was our story. We still had one more night. We were exhilarated by our engagement and the ghosts that haunted the hotel.

A week later I had the thought to email the hotel. I asked them about their building. Pittsburgh is an old town. And downtown Pittsburgh is a very very old town. They got back to me and explained, as my jaw dropped, that they used to be an old telephone factory.

I don’t know why I found meaning in that explanation or why it made everything click so well. But my thoughts immediately went to the sounds of a factory–the PA system, the drafting table. All relics from another time in that building’s life.”

5. Gone.

“At the time I was around 14, I’d asked my dad to wake me up early that morning at about 5am because I had some work to get done.

That morning, I was woken up, and I flung my legs over the side of my bed. I felt a tug on both of them, what I thought at the time was just my dad trying to get me to hurry up, I reached over to pick up my phone and turned it on, 3:30 am.

And I looked over at the black figure I assumed was my dad and it was gone.”

6. In the woods…

“The scariest thing i’ve had happen while camping.

So I live in eastern Oregon, and my mom lives in western Oregon. I went to visit her for the summer and she’s very outdoorsy so we decided to take the 1 hour drive from her city to the coast.

We end up at this free camp site at the top of this hill (huge foot hills of the coastal mountains, about a 25 minute drive from the top where the campsite is to the bottom where the main road was) and we were the only campers there.

We relaxed for the rest of the day, made food, etc. A truck full of men drive up the hill and talk with my mom (idk what about, wasn’t suspicious at the time) and they leave us.

Fast forward to the middle of the night.

I wake up to my mom sitting straight up in the tent. I wake easily so I heard her gasp and it woke me. She put her hand over my mouth because I was starting to ask her what’s wrong. It was dead silent and all of a sudden we hear footsteps RIGHT beside the tent.

The little flap that covers the zipper was even moving. Thankfully my mom has quick wits and said very loudly,”Kenny grab the gun”. Kenny is my dad, although that doesn’t matter, and mind you he was not there, just us girls like i previously said.

They left. No harm was done. Thank the lord for my momma.”

7. Weird.

“I went on a road-trip vacation with my boyfriend’s family when I was about 16. His older brother came with us; it was the first time I’d met him, because he was going to an out of state college.

The first night, we were staying in a house. I was on the couch, near the door to the bathroom, and my head was in a deep shadow. I woke up startled in the middle of the night.

My bf’s brother came out of the bathroom, turned his head toward me, and then just stood in the doorway for several minutes. His face was in shadow so I couldn’t see it, but he stood there staring, completely still for about 5 minutes.

Something about it felt very wrong, so I was laying there frozen, trying to hold my breath, just watching him. After a few minutes I’d almost talked myself into believing he’d just fallen asleep standing up and I was overreacting. Then a car went by outside.

When his face was lit by the passing headlights, I could see he was fully awake and staring right at me. He stood there frozen for another 5 minutes or so, then turned and went back to bed.

I don’t know what he was thinking, but alarm bells went off like crazy. I stayed away from him and made sure I wasn’t sleeping alone in a room for the rest of the trip. Really disturbed me; I still get goosebumps thinking about it almost 20 years later.”

8. Creepy.

“We lived in a very creepy very old house when I was little. One day my mom was cleaning my little brother’s room while we were at school and every single one of his electronic toys turned on all at once.

Two of them did not have batteries in them.

She was so freaked out she had us “camp out” in the living room for three days cause she didn’t want my brother alone in his room.

Up until we moved, that would occasionally happen. Either one or two toys at a time.”

9. That’s a sign.

“About 2 months after my father passed my Mom and all of my brothers and sisters were sitting around the dining room table.

We were just talking about the past and sharing stories. We were talking about my father and suddenly the globe around the light on the ceiling fell straight down on the center of the table. It didn’t break or roll or move at all after hitting the table.

Scared the sh*t out of all of us.”

10. Spooky.

“I was driving pretty late one night with my friend.

We were headed to my buddy’s house and on the road towards it there was this beautiful girl, wearing basically almost a bikini standing with her foot against a telephone pole. She looked exactly what I figure Someone from the 1960s or 1970s would look like. Kind of like the girls who you would see in old videos going to the big music festivals.

Me and my friend drove by her and she made eye contact with me and smiled, but when it happened there was a weird feeling like I was someplace I wasn’t suppose to be or I was not in reality. Not to mention the fact she was standing outside like that when it was 20 degrees out with no indication of being cold.

I asked my friend if he saw the same thing to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind and he saw the same thing and he had the same kind of strange feeling I had. I quickly went down a road to go back to see if she was ok or needed a ride. I’d say it took me about 10 to 15 seconds to get back to the same spot where she was and by the time I got there she was no where to be found.

We went down a few streets looking but we saw nothing. Definitely one of the weirdest things that’s happened to me and I’m kind of surprised now by all these stories I’m reading about the same thing.”

11. Psycho.

“I was camping in a valley by myself with no cell service. I stayed late on a trail and ran into a nice local dude as it was getting dark. He showed me a local camping spot close to the road and the river, but camouflaged.

I had a fire, drank beer, and listened to my friend’s comedy podcast. I was loud and visible. Because it was dark already I decided to sleep in the back of my truck under my topper next to all of my gear as opposed to setting up my tent. The next morning I made a fire, cracked a beer, and started making breakfast.

Then I notice that there is a man at the edge of my camp. He comes closer, but never looks directly at me. This dude looks homeless has a long ratty beard and has at least a hundred plastic grocery bags tied all over his clothes. I comment about how nice the day is.

No response from him. I offer him breakfast, nothing. He sort of paces around the perimeter of my camp. I offer him a beer. But he just turns around. The dude is just standing there back to me wandering around. I’m realizing that there isn’t going to be any good happenings. I had my bear spray and buck knife super close.

I give him an ultimatum, “motherf*cker, you are either going to acknowledge me or leave immediately!” He ignores me. I grab the bear mace and walk a few steps towards him. He sulked away and I threw my sh*t in my truck and left that place right quick.

I wonder if he had watched me during the night and I thank my laziness for staying in my truck instead of a tent.”

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