People Share Their Thoughts on Whether or Not Having an Ample Chest Is Overrated

Boobs are kind of one of those things that leaves people wanting what they don’t have.

If you’re a woman with naturally small breasts, you might always envy those with naturally larger ones, and vice versa – though I think the majority of females in the world will agree that there is definitely a line between big and so big they get in the way, make your back hurt, and generally are more trouble than their worth.

Men, of course, may not agree – but as they do not actually have breasts, we don’t care about their opinions on this one.

Or do we…?

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This Unpopular Opinion popped up on Reddit, and I don’t know…based on these replies, it really turned out to be not as unpopular as OP (original poster) might have thought.

17. Dudes can play too.

I was in the same boat before keto.

I kinda miss them…

Hm. No sense in wishing when I can have them…

I was talking about my manboobs. I’m a dude.

16. Not everyone hates it.

I feel like I’m the only busty girl who actually likes having big boobs.

Sure it can be a pain buying bras and stuff, but they look really good on my frame.

They also give me more confidence knowing how popular it is.

15. “A full body adventure” about nails it.

As someone who went from Bs to Ds (breastfeeding) I prefer my little boobs.

These boobs collect sweat, my nipples aren’t adorably places, anymore, and running is now a full body adventure as I wrangle my tits before they mangle my face.

Small boobs ftw. Can’t wait to have them back.

14. It requires a delicate balance.

I think it depends on how big we’re talking.

Back pain big is not good.

Also I have to only wear stretchy shirts/dresses because nothing not stretchy fits both my waist and breasts but if I wear something that fits my breasts I look fat.

13. Don’t kill the baby.

Yeah, I went from DD to a J.

Finding a nursing bra that fits right has been expensive (have to order online and pay to ship them back when they don’t fit).

Each boob is bigger than my baby’s head.

I have to keep a hand on my breast while feeding to keep it from smothering him 😣

12. Breathing is nice.

I’d like to be able to run in anything less than two bras.

And to be able to breathe whilst running.

11. Double the protection, but not the fun.

I’m D and it’s literally the most uncomfortable thing ever.

Two sports bras have to come into the picture at the same time when I exercise.

Mine are kind of out of proportion to the rest of my body, so I am also a huge fan of all the lovely people always talking about “oh that girl thinks she’s great because she has implants.”

Jokes on them because I do not have implants and I am also 97% sure that I am not great either.

10. So many things to think about.

Same. Sore back.

Ugly bras unless you want to pay a fortune.

Also they make you look heavier.

If you wear a top that fits the rest of you it’s always stretched across the boobs. If you buy a top to fit your boobs then it’s baggy everywhere else.

Only tops that fit both are low cut ones. If you walk with proper posture then you are accused of “pushing them out”.

9. Such a way with words, these ladies.

I’m also a D.

Finding a sports bra that works is life changing!

I can now go for a run without bruising my chin.

So many years of double sports bras and super sweatiness.

So disgusting. Finding a good one shouldn’t be so hard!

8. A living cautionary tale.

My well-endowed sister started making babies when I was 7. She’s 15 years older than I am.

I remember her plopping those big boys on the kitchen table to rest her back.

And prepubescent me praying to any and all Gods to spare me the horror of big boobs.

My wish was granted and I have always been grateful.

7. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but…

I would love to be a D. I’m a 32I and sports bras just don’t come in my size.

No bathing suits or bras really fit well either.

It’s exhausting and discouraging to be such a small girl with one boob being about three and a half handfuls for me

6. In case you need a visual.

One of my besties is like that. Me, on the other hand, has two flotation devices that bob around my ears whenever I go in the water.

To demonstrate how large they are… hold out your hand with your palm facing upwards. Now, spread your fingers as wide as they will go.

Ok… if my boob were resting on that we wouldn’t be able to see any of your fingers or palm.

My back always hurts.

5. Sisters, right?

Hey I’m pretty much that size!

I have such a love/hate relationship with my boobs. I have one bra that’s the correct size and it took some hunting in a department store to find. I totally feel you.

I will literally never forget one time when I was a teenager my younger sister pointed and laughed at my chest.

That did some damage 🙁

4. Be careful what you wish for.

I have a hormonal issue hypogonadism and I am a cups almost completely flat.

I really wish they could be bigger for my confidence honestly.

3. Ever heard of minding your own business?

I hear you- people I don’t even know well have asked me how much my implants were, did it hurt, ect.

Then sometimes act almost disgusted when I say I have NOT had a boob job.

As if my boobs offend them for being naturally large. I have DDDs and a small figure.

They have confused a lot of people and even offend others.

2. It starts young, apparently.

All the females in our family are the same other than my mother.

My son loves a cuddle from women with big boobies, she feels so left out.

1. Not just sometimes.

My boobs are DDD (or I wear a DDD bra at least), and it’s funny how sometimes they look their size and other times they don’t. I had a guy tell me I had a nice a** but not much in the boob department and I like..got offended?

Like, screw you for objectifying me like that but also these blobs of fat are a menace.

You better notice them. Ugh. Being a woman is weird sometimes.

I definitely agree, but as someone with a deflated, postpartum and post-breastfeeding chest, there’s definitely a middle ground to be found.

Weigh in down below in the comments!