People Share Their Zombie Outbreak Plans…What’s Yours?


It’s all fun and games right now, but what are you gonna do when the zombie apocalypse happens?

If you’ve watched The Walking Dead enough, you probably have a good plan, but how does it measure up against these from AskReddit users?

1. Works for me!

“If there was a zombie outbreak I would be one of the dudes in those movies who dies in the opening scene so that everyone else knows they are now in a zombie movie.

“Hey guys, you won’t believe the day I had. Some crackhead bit me on my way home! Oh well, I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow!”

2. Awwwwww

“My birthday party.

No one will find me there.”

3. Yeah, that sounds…usual

“I’m just going to wear a suit of armor and go about my usual business.”

4. Isolation

“Stay home. I live in the mountains already.”

5. Multi-stage plan

“I have a multi-stage plan for this:

Go to Flathead Lake and live on some of the islands. They have cabins and mansions on them, are close enough to shore to go there and hunt, and is a very secluded area.
If that falls through then…

2) Go to Kodiak Island. It has a small town, little people= Little zombie population. Lots of natural resources and is a very wild and expansive area. The winters might help with zombies as as well.

Now if that falls through then…

3) Go to the Faroe Islands. Very few people know about them and their small towns and wide spaces are good for hunting, fishing, and survival.

If that falls through then…

4) The final attempt is make it to Pitcairn Island. The most secluded place in the world will probably operate as normal because nobody goes there anyhow.

The reality of this plan is that it gives constant hope. No matter what place falls you will have hope of a better place. You’ll keep on pushing and fighting to find somewhere better and maybe die hopeful on the way. Hope is the only way to survive a zombie apocalypse.”

6. Very smart

“Somewhere with no mosquitoes.”

7. Logical


I’ll buy two months worth of food and water, and boards and nails to seal my house.

Unless the zombies are because of magic, their bodies will begin to break down in a few days from dehydration. Realistically, sheltering in place for a week would be more than enough to save yourself.”

8. Years and years


Think about it lol…supplies, food, shelter. You could literally survive for years in a Costco.”

9. Nobody expects you to be there

“Cash Converters.

The windows are barred up
They’re usually in strip malls so close to food
There’s always a sword there for some reason
And a sh-t load of books
Nobody expects you to be at Cash Converters
Cash Converters, man.”

10. That’s one way to deal with it

“Nowhere. I’d pop in my favourite game, play for a bit, and then put a bullet through my brain.

I’m not f*cking dealing with the undead.”

11. Have fun with that

“World War Z, the novel covered this. North Korea, where everyone has basic Military training, highly disciplined organization, and is already cut off from the rest of civilization, would be the quickest to react to the pandemic, going into complete lockdown. God, the movie was such a disappointment. It should have been a Docu-drama special on History or Discovery, not an action thriller.”

12. The family property

“My family’s property. Why? It’s way out in the country, the water well is set up with a solar backup on the pump so there is fresh water when the power goes out, there is a river with trout in it, basically has its own armory because we do love our guns out west, and my uncle is a prepper so he has two shipping containers filled with food, clothing, ammo, and medical supplies.”

13. On the throne

“As a citizen of Czech Republic with tons of castles. I have always planned to move into one of them during the zombie apocalypse. Sitting on my throne, sipping the beer and watching the world as we know it end.”

14. Sounds pretty good

“Stay where I am. I work on a merchant vessel that can make its own water, electricity, can hold a ton of food, and can go anywhere. We also have plenty of machinery to make anything we need and a hospital loaded with medication. Yeah I’m good here.”

15. Down Under

“Perth, Australia. It’s so sheltered from the rest of the world – if they closed the roads and airport so diseased people couldn’t get there I think they’d be alright for a long time.”

So…anyone re-evaluating their own plans now?