People Share Things That Improved Their Lives Even Though They Sound Horrible

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Let’s face it: some things sound horrible, but they’re a necessary part of your well-being. One Reddit thread asked people to reveal things that made them feel better even though they sound horrible at the time.

So what are these horrible-sounding things that actually made people feel better? Here are some interesting answers.

15. Eye Drops After a Bad Scratch

“My daughter accidentally scratched my eye pretty badly a few years ago, leaving a crescent-shaped cut in my cornea.

The ER doctor told me to “put some Visine on it”, and it’d go away by morning. I spent the night in escalating/excruciating pain, and went to a proper eye guy first thing.

I was already freaking out about the pain, and definitely didn’t want someone mucking about in there, but he convinced me to let him put in a bandage lens (like a contact lens, but thicker – and it holds the “flap” made by the cut down).

Right before he put it in, he stopped and said “I want you to remember this moment”.

…And I will – because it was like a light switch turning off. First, blinding pain so bad I wanted to vomit, followed by absolutely nothing. No hurt.

I had to wear an eye patch for a couple of days. That’s it.”


14. A Tooth Extraction

“Having an abscess tooth extracted.

Before the procedure, it was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. I went in to have it pulled and the dentist tried to explain to me that they could save the tooth blah blah blah, I was in so much pain I just said take it out please. They “numbed” me up but it didn’t touch the pain I was in. After a few minutes of them playing around in my mouth with a pick and pliers, I started to feel pressure on my jaw and the tooth popped out.

The dentist was surprised and said, “yeah, I bet that feels better.” He said a bunch of infection came out which is what he was vacuuming out.

IMMEDIATE RELEIF. Like no pain at all. Relief to the point that I was in ecstasy.

I almost cried.”


13. Using a Waterslide

“Going in a capsule- type waterslide.

It’s really tense in the line, when you know how It works, and the noises are frightening.

But once you go, you see it’s a really cool feeling of going Very fast in a tube.”


12. Throwing Up

“Throwing up when you have an upset stomach.

It sucks before and during but after you feel so much better. Obviously sometimes that’s not the case but I remember times when I ate something bad and was in bad stomach pain until I vomited and felt instant relief.”


11. A Scalp Massage

“Those scalp massager things that kind of look like alien torture devices.”


10. Long-Distance Bike Rides

“Riding your bike long distances.

It won’t be pleasurable until your condition your butt and build your baseline, but once you do a ride through the countryside at a leisurely pace is one of life’s great pleasures, and will inevitably make you feel like a kid again.

(*cue that one person that has to post about their horrific childhood in response to my last point).”


9. This After-Birth Sensation

“This sounds disgusting… but definitely delivering your placenta after giving birth.

You’d think it would hurt just as bad, or that you’d feel relief from popping an 8lb human out of your now-very sore-genitals, but nope. No relief until the placenta just… slides out. And then it feels like someone’s been standing on your chest for 9 months and you can finally breathe again. I felt light as a fucking feather. Insta-satisfying.

10/10 recommend. The kid’s alright too, I guess.”


8. Jumping Off A Plane


You do feel nervous the first time right before you jump out of the plane, but after that the rush is amazing and lasts for a couple hours.”


7. Getting a Tattoo

“Felt that when I got my first tattoo, in Thailand with some drunk blokes and suddenly they’re like, “let’s all get tattoos!” Immediately I start to lose my shit, they’re goading me on telling me it’ll be fine, but I can barely keep it together. Then one of the lads goes first, and I watch it first hand and this dark fascination breaks over me. I was scared of it hurting, of the pain of having a needle repeatedly jabbed into my skin, but then I had a moment and clarity and looked back on all the times I’d been whooped by my mom, all the sprained ankles and stubbed toes. Then suddenly it all just melted away into this surreal calm.

I laid there on the tattoo chair for next to no time, and honestly at a few points in the procedure I got this toe curling, almost ecstatic feeling, like right after a really good stretch, or finally getting that itch that’s been bothering you all day. And now I have a tattoo.”


6. Eating More Veggies!

“Eating vegetables.

I’m working on eating healthier and I’m still not eating salads but I’ll eat veggies in a stir fry at least.”


5. Spicy Foods

“Spicy food once you build a tolerance. The endorphine rush alone is worth the initial pain

(Edit #1) For you heat lovers out there, I highly recommend trying the Tube of Terror peanuts…just 1 peanut will send the ordinary person to the emergency room. This is the ONLY spicy food that has been way spicier than I expected, and it honestly kicks my ass because I struggle with capsaicin extract. I’d rather eat 5 Carolina Reapers over 1 of these peanuts.

(Edit #2) A lot of people have PM’d me asking for tips on building a tolerance to such food, along with tips on how to overcome the digestive discomfort after eating spicy food. Building a tolerance takes A LOT of time (years) and requires you push yourself way beyond your limit once in a while. Begin with adding jalapenos to foods you enjoy such as omelettes, burgers, salads, or stir-frys. Work your way up by adding serranos, then habaneros, then chile de arbols, etc (you can Google “Scoville pepper scales” to see a list of hot peppers and their heat level). After months of consistently adding peppers to normal foods you eat, start eating whole fresh peppers by themself on a near-daily basis. In order to ease digestive discomfort from spicy foods I recommend eating some plain Greek yogurt, a banana, bread, and Pepto-Bismol prior to eating spicy food.”


4. Nasal Irrigation

“Nasal Irrigation.

I thought it would sting, turns out the right salinity levels make it extremely comfortable to drain your shnoz. I’ve seen some gnarly things come out my nose during a sinus infection.”


3. Dungeons and Dragons


I had a friend who, for literally years, would try and get the rest of us to play. It was a hard pass from me every Friday for about three years. I had no interest in sitting around and pretending to be a fuckin’ elf or whatever with eighteen apostrophes in my name, all with stacks of rulebooks that are inches thick. No, thank you. Life’s too short.

Then I tried it, and of course it’s wonderful. Sit around, chill with your friends, drinks some beers, eat some fancy cheese, kill some imaginary goblins.”


2. Roller Coasters!

“Cliché but the first rollercoaster ride at an amusement park.

The first one you haven’t experienced the stomach drop in awhile and your heart is hammering and your knees are shaking a bit and your friends ask where and you immediately say the front and mentally shoot yourself in the mouth for your stupidity. You get to the front of the line and one of your friends takes all the stuff and says he’ll see you guys when you finish. You wish you could join him. A bored employee straps you in and fear takes your heart and makes a stress ball out of it. You are pleading to god that the rollercoaster doesn’t kill you. You don’t even believe in god. You’re at the top of the hill now and holy shit holy shit holy shit then just…pure fucking ecstasy. The ride finishes and you turn to your friend a giant blinding smile painting itself across every inch of your face and you say “can we go again??”

Great feeling really.”


1. Getting a Divorce


At first, I thought we didn’t have to do something so drastic. I wasn’t positive I would be able to get through my darkest days.

Now, I’m glad I went through all of it, having become much stronger as an individual.”


Some of these answers seem a little obvious, but others were definitely unexpected.

Are there any you would add to the conversation?

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