People Share Things That Seem to Be Overrated Until You Actually Try Them


Have you ever not believed the hype about something until you went ahead and gave it a shot? And then you totally changed your mind?

The lesson here: don’t knock it until you try it.

AskReddit users share the things they think you should give a shot before you get down on them.

1. It worked!

“Getting skin care that actually works for you instead of whatever is convenient. I had terrible acne for years and I would just use whatever skin care I got my hands on instead of finding something that actually cleared up my skin.”

2. Boots and undies

“Two things- work boots/shoes and quality underwear.

If you work on your feet, do not skimp on your footwear. It saves on fatigue and body aches just for starters. I am currently wearing the ugliest pair of boots I’ve ever owned, just because they were the most comfortable pair I tried on while shopping. They are work boots, who gaf what they look like. They will be filthy on the first day at a construction site. As far as the underwear- once you wear a good quality pair, you’ll never want to go back.

Edit- whoa. Thanks for the gold! To answer a couple common questions I’ve seen- my recommendations for each are (and I know everyone is different, this is personal preference)

Boots- Redwing. They aren’t for everyone as far as fit, but they last YEARS. And if you can see a podiatrist, have them make custom insoles. They are life changers.

Underwear- Duluth trading company’s buck naked underwear. Hands down.

As far as women’s…. I cannot comment. I wish I could and I hope the same is true. I hope you fine ladies can find some brand of skivvies as life changing as I have 🙂 “

3. Two is better than one

“Two monitors for your computer. Once you go two, you’ll never go back.”

4. I need to try this

“A weighted blanket.”

5. You just figured this out?

“Being nice. Can’t believe how many people return the favor. 🙂 “

6. Turn it up!

“A good sound system to go with the TV.”

7. Moving is THE WORST

“Hiring movers. I used to pride myself in my moves, but that was just me and my stuff from one bedroom to another. When I got married, we started renting our own apartments and the stuff accumulated over the years. When we moved to NYC we hired my buddy’s moving company and it was amazing.

When we moved apartments the next year, we hired another company and it was so nice not having to move a single thing up the stairs. We have not moved in 6 years now and I hope we won’t have to anytime soon, but we will 100% pay the extra hundreds of dollars to not schlep couches and dressers.”

8. A whole new world

“Many fancy (expensive) restaurants.

I’ve always been frugal. After marriage I’ve joined my in-laws on several occasions for nice dinners. My taste buds are still in shock at the flavors that exist among foods I’ve eaten all my life.

There is a true art to cooking that can’t be replicated without years of education and training.”

9. Can’t beat it

“Getting a good massage. I was almost 30 and had never had one before (and I didn’t really care to anyway), but my girlfriend found a deal for a couples massage on Groupon at some shitty hole in the wall place, so we went. It was a terrible massage and I left feeling worse than when I came in. I thought my apathy towards massages had been confirmed.

A while later my back was really hurting so I decided to maybe give it one more shot at a nicer place. This time it was amazing and so peaceful I almost fell asleep. I walked out the door with no back pain and feeling completely refreshed. I’m glad I gave it a second chance.”

10. Oh yeah

“Really good water pressure (from a shower head).”

11. Gotta get that sleep

“I cannot emphasize this enough: a quality pillow.”

12. Hobbies are important

“Finding something you truly enjoy, for me (although I suck) its 3-D modelling, so go out there and try out some hobbies, you never know what you’ll like.”

13. All good things

“-Exercising regularly

-Having an actually reasonable sleep schedule

-Treating your mental health right

Pretty much just treating yourself well.”

14. An amazing destination

“Hawai’i. It seems cliche and overdone (at least in US), but for good reason. I used to wonder why people would fly so long just to go to the beach when FL or CA is so much closer. It’s a true cultural experience, not just beaches and tropical drinks.”

15. Find your inner peace

“Yoga and meditation. It’s ridiculous how hard it can be to just sit within yourself, but once you’ve done it and found the quiet, it’s hard to stay away.”