People Share What Celebrities They Think Would Be Outed as Serial Killers


First of all, this would make a great movie plot. Secondly, who do you think you would pick if you were posed with this question:

“If the headline “Celebrity outed as serial killer” appeared, who would you expect it to be about?

AskReddit users offered up their opinions. I can’t wait to dig into these!

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1. Prime suspect

“It almost pains me to say this because he is one of if not the best actors in the world, but Daniel Day-Lewis. The man protects his privacy extremely well. Doesn’t do a lot of movies (retired now) and stays as clean as possible. He is the prime guy.”

2. No way!

“Bill Murray.

“No one will ever believe you.”

turns to walk away

“You’ll never have the chance to tell them.”

3. Not a good legacy

“I hope that Tom Hanks dies peacefully in his sleep at a grand old age, with an untarnished history and nothing but funny stories about colleagues and strangers he helped and made happy.

And then they go to clear out the basement of his mansion and just find hundreds and hundreds of human heads in various states of decay.”

4. Say it ain’t so

“Carrot Top.”

5. A killer trifecta

“The first names that popped in my head were Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Jim Carrey.”

6. A disturbed dick…

“Andy Dick… the dude is f*cking disturbed. Oh… he’s also a dick.”

7. I hope not. One of my favorite directors…

“David Fincher. Between Se7en, Zodiac, Mindhunter, and the rest of his entire filmography, he really seems fascinated with compelling serial killers, sociopaths, and psychopaths. The performances of these characters are always unique, captivating, and unnerving.

They have an air of authenticity to them. Fincher makes some great films, and I’m not seriously suggesting the dude’s a serial killer, but he’s probably the only famous person I can think of where, upon being revealed as a serial killer, a common first reaction would be, “…Yeah okay, that explains a lot.”

8. Might not be a stretch?

“Quentin Tarantino… just cause.”

9. It’s all in the eyes

“The Olsen twins. They got some menacing eyes.”

10. I think you’re right on the money

“There’s a distinct lack of female celebrities on this list. I definitely think Tilda Swinton could murder us all one day.”

11. Insane if he wants to

“Nic Cage. Have you seen the memes about the Ghost Rider movies having zero CGI and that it was all him? He can be insane if he wants to.”

12. A true villain

“Elon Musk is one face scar away from being a James Bond villain.”

13. Good old Woody

“Woody Allen. Anyone who marries their wife’s adopted young daughter is seriously creepy.”

14. Look at the track record

“Brad Pitt. If a man can leave both Angelina Jolie AND Jennifer Anniston he’s capable of anything.”

15. Can’t put my finger on it…

“Definitely Katy Perry. Something is off about her.”