People Share What Inappropriate Questions They Want to Have Answered

It’s okay, we feel you

All you’re asking is what you do with the *&^%# when it’s time to #@!% and how the @#&%* works…

Well, guess what?

You’re in luck, because we’re gonna get the answers to a whole bunch of inappropriate questions today!

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Curious.

“If depicting the prophet Muhammad is offensive to Islam and Muslims, why is it ok to name a person Muhammad?

I’m not trying to get into a religious debate; I’m genuinely curious.”

2. Really dark.

“Whats it like to k**l someone?

Especially as a soldier in a war.

If it changes you, how so?

If it didn’t, how does that make you feel?”

3. Really?

“Do identical twins have the same d**ks?”

4. Looking for some tips

“How do you flirt? What even is it? Can you give me an example?

This might seem like a stupid question, but to me I’ve never ever attempted to flirt, but sometimes it seems like I am flirting I just don’t ever realize it until after.

I just dont get it, but I should sooner rather than later.”

5. A big question.

“Do guys not go down on girls that often?

I go down about 90% of the time, but girls have told me that it doesn’t happen a lot.

I just always thought every guy did it. Is this on average, or just my small sample size of friends?

6. Why?

“I have a question to all men, from a man.

When I go to a bathroom at work, or public, I hear you in the stall next to me.

I hear you flush your toilet, buckle up, and just leave the stall.

I HEAR you not washing your hands.

Why? I wash my hands so often because having dirty hands is so disgusting.

Why are you insisting that you rub your crotch germs all over everything else you touch?

Just Why? Please tell me why.”

7. Where did it start?

“We’ve all heard of the stereotype of guys with huge lifted trucks and loud exhausts having tiny d**ks and their trucks are used to “compensate” in some way.

I’m curious as to where this began and if there is enough data to actually support this.

It’s such a funny idea.”

8. The first time.

“Is it scary losing your virginity?”

9. Hmmm…

“Am I allowed to say “black” when describing a person?

Like if there are 3 people all have dark hair, dark eyes, wearing black and the only way to distinguish easy is “the black fellow over there” as in “who do I give my ticket to?”

I feel uncomfortable saying African American. My Step parent is Jamaican and not African American and it offends her when people say that.”

10. Don’t get it.

“Why do people send unsolicited d**k pics?

What’s the thought process behind it?

Do they think that will work?

Does it work for some people?

I just don’t understand it.”

11. A certain smell.

“Some people of Indian descent have a very distinctive smell, reminding me of cumin.

Would it be their delicious food that’s affecting their sweat? Or simply food smell stuck to their clothes/hairs?

A couple Indian coworkers (back before home office conditions) would arrive in the morning and you can smell them clearly as they pass behind you, before you see it’s them.

So I’m thinking it’s their BO that has that cumin/spicy smell to it to be so noticeable even in the morning?”

12. The accent.

“Apologies in advance.

What’s the deal with the “gay accent?”

It’s very distinct, it’s usually different from the accent the person grows up with, why does it happen?

Is it a signaling habit? Is it a cultural thing?”

How about you?

What inappropriate questions do you want to have answered?

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