People Share What It’s Like Planning A Wedding When Family Doesn’t Approve

As someone of a certain age, I don’t think I could ever (now) marry someone that my friends and family disapproved of (as long as the reasons weren’t racist, homophobic, xenophobic, et al, of course). What I’ve learned with age is that it’s much easier to see the problems in a relationship from the outside, and so if the objections are thoughtful, we should listen.

These 11 people are going forward with wedding plans despite having no family support, and they’re here to tell you what their experiences have been like.

11. Weddings are dramatic enough without family stuff.

New Zealand is a great vacation, if nothing else.

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10. It’s good to have support from somewhere.

Marriage is hard enough without going it alone.

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9. You do what you gotta do.

But I feel like the wedding would have been more enjoyable unaltered.

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8. Either way it’s in his hands.

The choice might hurt but they did all they could.

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7. That’s all that matters.

May you live happily ever after.

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6. I’m telling you, they can tell.

Like it or not, they know you better than anyone else.

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5. That’s on him, though.

He’s the one who will live to regret it.

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4. That’s pretty underhanded.

How about a simple conversation first?

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3. This is a healthy frame of mind.

I’m curious whether or not it worked out, though.

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2. Sometimes those are the best ceremonies.

Only the people who truly matter are there.

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1. I am clapping for this couple.

I’m totally rooting for them in the future, too!

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Yeah, this seems like a lot of stress and I’m glad it’s not mine.

Have you gotten married against your family’s wishes? Share what your experience was like in the comments!