People Share What Meals They Like to Make When They Really Don’t Feel Like Cooking

When I have a lot of downtime and I’m not trying to rush things, I like to make a leisurely meal. I put on some music, take my time, and then sit down and actually enjoy the food I cooked.

But, as with most folks, life is usually pretty busy and a lot of times I end up making something quick (or getting take-out) so I can be on to the next thing as fast as possible.

So what are some good things to make when you don’t really feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen?

Home cooks of AskReddit shared what meals they make when they really don’t feel like putting in a whole lot of effort.

1. Nice and easy.


And if you want some protein we make it an egg quesadilla. For anyone interested, you take a couple of eggs, scramble them, cook them like an omelet but immediately top with a flour tortilla.

Dab oil on the tortilla for a nice crust. Flip. Spread Monterey jack cheese slices on the hopefully not overcooked eggs. Top with another tortilla. Dab the oil and flip once more.

Perfection! I like to dip my triangle slices in salsa but spaghetti sauce works well too.”

2. An old classic.

“Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

I keep the Pacific brand soup on hand and pretty much always have cheese and a loaf of bread.

Panera charges $15 for what costs me $3 and ten minutes to make at home!”

3. I’m getting hungry…

“Fried rice.

Rice in the rice cooker, a scrambled egg, maybe some vegetables or leftover meat.”

4. Good point.

“Sliced deli meat straight from the bag.

Who am I trying to impress?

My demons?”

5. Sounds good!

“Toast is entirely underrated.

Whether you just put a little butter on it or fresh mozzarella with garden tomatoes, oil and vinegar; it’s good.”

6. It’s quick!

“Naan bread pizza.

One naan round with a spoon of sauce and a small handful of cheese.

Chuck in the toaster oven for 5 minutes!

So yummy and fast!”

7. Potatoes!

“Loaded potatoes.

Just grab a big potato, bake it (or nuke it for 10 minutes ), cut it open, butter it.

THEN… stuff it full of cheese, diced onions, shredded sandwich meat, whatever other goodies you have on hand, sprinkle some herbs on it, nuke a little more to get it all melty, top with sour cream, and enjoy.”

8. Perfection.

“Pressure cooker + box of yellow rice + cup of water + can of black beans + 3 minutes + natural release = perfection.”

9. Oh yeah!


I always have tortilla chips in the pantry.

Brown meat with seasoning and throw random things at it.

Avocado, sour cream, cheeses, tomato or lettuce if any.”

10. As simple as that.

“Meatballs and Gravy.

Get some frozen meatballs, some pre-made gravy, cook it in the gravy for about 25 minutes, get some instant mash or rice (cook rice with chicken bullion because its super easy and tastes way better.) combine and boom.

It tastes like basic salisbury steak.”

11. Just like in college.

“Tuna melt.

This was my go to college meal besides spaghetti.

We’d do tuna straight out of the can, lemon pepper, and whatever cheese we had handy.

Grill it up and you had a cheap quick dinner!”

12. A quick omelet.

“I have a Spanish omelette variation that is a total cheat; I use bought salsa instead of making my own.

Always keep it on hand. Eggs, spinach, salsa, toast. May add cheese if I have it. Done in about 5 minutes.

My absolute laziest meal is a protein bar and a beer.”

13. Sounds like a good time.

“”Bangers and mash”.

Sausages with mash potatoes with onion and gravy.

Combine garlic, oregano and butter to your mashed potatoes for a good time.”

14. Yummy!

“I find myself reaching all the time for two things: eggs and dumplings.

The eggs I cook in butter and eat plain cause I’m an animal and I just love eggs and think they’re perfect on their own.

Dumplings, I just buy frozen ones and sometimes I boil them with veggies into a soup, sometimes I pan fry them.”

How about you?

What meals do you make when you don’t feel like cooking at home?

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