People Share What Movies, TV Shows, and Games They Wish They Could Experience for the First Time Again

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Oh man, I have a ton of answers for this…

I remember the first time I saw Stand By Me when I was about 9-years-old. That was a huge game-changer for me and I still love that movie to this day.

What movie, TV show, or game do wish you could experience for the first time again?

Let’s dive into some answers from folks on AskReddit.

1. A groundbreaking movie.

“The Matrix.

I went into it not knowing anything. I hadn’t even seen a trailer. Not only was I blown away by groundbreaking special effects, but the story was incredible and the twist shook my perception of reality.”

2. Mass Effect.

“The original Mass Effect trilogy.

It’s amazing how fictional characters became so much like actual friends.”

3. That was a good one.

“Memento … maybe I should write this down to remember to watch it again.

It’s my favorite movie. I watched it again last night after staying away from it for a few years, and it still wasn’t close to the same as the initial experience.”

4. Would love to do it again.


Just exploring the world, unravelling the story, i would love to do it again.”

5. A great one.

“Jurassic Park.

Oh man, I was 14 when it came out. The moment they first see the dinosaurs! The entire theater gasped.

It was amazing.”

6. A classic.

“Star Wars the original trilogy.

I wish I could have seen those movies in the theater. It would have been an amazing experience.

Seeing The Force Awakens opening night in the theater in 2015 was amazing, though. I’ll never forget that. I’d like to experience that again. No other movie has come close for me as far as excitement and anticipation.”

7. Mindblowing.


I knew a lot about it before I watched but darn it that series was amazing in visuals, music, acting, everything.”

8. On every level.

Outer Wilds.

What an amazing game on every single level. I played it with my daughter who is 9. Shes played through other games vefore but this was the first where she was interested in the story. We had so much fun together figuring out where to go and what to do, following clues to new locations.

She figured out some things on her own that really impressed me. It made me realize both how smart my daughter is, and just how good game design can be when you can make a thing with so many complicated time-sensetive moving parts that a child can understand and solve.”

9. A modern classic.

“Breaking Bad.

Anytime somebody I know tells me they are watching BB for the first time I get insanely jealous of them.”

10. Into outer space.


One of very few films that just flew by without me ever wondering how much was left, and then wishing it could’ve gone on for longer when it finished.

Wish I’d seen it in IMAX though.”

11. WOW.

“World of Warcraft.

The first time you join the world and this music starts playing. Entering Westfall and realizing how big the world is. Seeing skull enemies on the shadowed riverbank of Duskwood and having no idea what lies ahead.

Staying up until 4 in the morning running Scarlet Monastery. Getting your first epic in the wild and showing it off to your friends and randoms like it’s Christmas. Stepping into Blackrock Depths with nothing but hours of dungeon crawling ahead of you. Hitting 60 and jumping around on your mount, feeling like the game has only just begun.

I would love to experience it again for the first time but I don’t think I can afford to lose another year of my life. Though 2020 is a lost cause anyway.”

12. A big hit.

“Doctor Who.

I haven’t seen the old original series, but I’ve seen everything from the 9th doctor and later. Every doctor had their own type of charm and it would be so nice to be able to watch it all over again without having the memories of it.”

13. Everybody loves it!

“Parks and Recreation, one of the best for me.

Especially the Ron Swanson scenes.”

14. Very popular.


It is such a clever, but human series, it’s truly sad I already watched it 10 times.”

15. A masterpiece.


I have been watching Korean films for almost 15 years, so I had no expectation beyond “Oh, Bong Joon Ho’s new film”.”

16. A huge impact.


It made me rediscover the world of classical music and it gave me a new passion. F. Murray Abraham really did deserve an oscar.

Now I aspire to be a classical pianist.”

17. I’ll be back.

“Terminator 2.

That was ruined for me from the get go.

I would LOVE to watch the first terminator again and then go into terminator 2 fresh.”

18. America’s favorite show.

“The Office.

I had no idea what was happening for the first few episodes because the style was so different. I just knew i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jim and Pam’s timeline would be wonderful to experience again.”

19. Comedy relief.

“Monty Python and the Holy Grail

So many ‘laughing so hard it hurts’ moments watching this the first time.”

20. A magical experience.

“Red Dead Redemption.

Riding into Mexico for the first time is a magical experience.”

How about you?

What would you like to experience again for the first time?

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