People Share What They Like but Can’t Stand the Fan Base Of

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Have you ever gotten really into something and discovered that while you like that thing, you really don’t like other people who support it? It might be a band or a TV show or a movie or a sports team.

In this AskReddit article, people went on the record and shared something they like but can’t stand the fan base.

1. Anime


Every time I find one that I like I mention it to other people and then they feel the need to shit on whatever I’m watching and say I should watch something else because it’s better.”

2. Nirvana


Not the WHOLE fanbase, but primarily the ones who say you have to hate the popular songs and love the low-key ones, as well as the ones who talk about it like they’re the last good band to ever exist.

The ones who glorify Cobain’s suicide also get on my nerves.”

3. Short and sweet


4. No idea what this is


A few years ago, my friends introduced it to me and I thought the music wasn’t terrible so I slowly became a fan of random music from different groups. Many fans of these K-pop groups are toxic and like to start Fan Wars with other groups.

It’s wayyyy too much drama, but I’m not trying to go against all the fans. It’s just that some of these ppl are way too obsessed.”

5. That’s kind of weird

“Doctor Who and Sherlock.

I used to really casually enjoy these things, but the amount of weirdness around people who are obsessed with the two of these things, turned me off of it quite a bit.”

6. Wrestlemania

“Weirdly enough for me it’s the WWE.

Especially with Raw and Smackdown right now. It seems that majority of the fan base want everyone to be over and no one to be over at the same time.”

7. Not a cult

“I actually really like CW shows.

I know they’re stupid and they’re completely unrealistic, over the top, and obnoxious….but they are SO good for just escaping reality. The fans….drive me nuts. It’s a TV show….not a cult.

Let’s just enjoy it and move on.”

8. Burton has legions of fans

“THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (and other Tim Burton-esque films).

This fan base was larger back in the early 2000s when the emo platforms of old were prolific with fanfic, posts and badly-drawn art and low-res screenshots pasted with animated glitter love heart stickers.

Nowadays it’s not so prominently featured on social medias, but I know more than a fair few full grown adults that still fawn over Jack Skellington and Sally in the most cringe-worthy ways.”

9. Seriously…

“League of Legend.

Seriously, can’t get a game without someone flaming.”

10. You’re a target now

“Tom Holland.

I don’t hate the fan base, but some fans are a bit creepy.

I like tom holland’s acting, he’s a good actor, and I am a fan, but sometimes I get creeped out by his fans. Like I’ll make an occasional joke but talking about him constantly is kind of creepy. Or following him around and taking pictures of him (when you’re not paparazzi) and constantly knowing where he is? Like that’s super stalker-y. I know that he’s a young actor that’s in a lot of popular movies, but don’t stalk him. Its straight up creepy.

Now I’m a target for a bunch of pre-teen/teenage girls. Fun!”

11. It is a big hit…

“Hamilton is so good, but the romanticization of actual historical figures, the terrible memes, and the “I know everything about history because I know hamilton lyrics” bothered me so much.”

12. Don’t want to deal with it

“Magic the gathering.

The stigmas behind what people imagine a magic player to be bothers me. The general player probably hates something in the game I genuinely enjoy, and the people I’ve played with outside my family have ruined me wanting to support my local game store because I don’t want to deal with the other people that play.”

13. They are pretty hardcore

“The band Tool.

Their fans are called toolibans for a reason.”

14. Annoying

“The band Queen.

On any YouTube video where anyone discusses a band or song they like that’s not Queen, there will be comments about how Queen is the best band, and how Freddie Mercury is a Messiah or a God, and how every other singer should blow him. And when someone discusses a queen song and expresses criticism there are fans who act like it’s a personal attack on them and get way to defensive.

They’re just annoying.”

15. Supernatural


Great show with likeable characters, but it seems like all the people that watch it are wannabe emo or the kids that weren’t cool enough to join the anime groups.”

You know who I don’t like? Star Wars fans. OMFG… they’re the worst.

Just watch the movies and STFU please. Thank you.

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