People Share What They Think Exists Only to Mess With All of Us

Believe it or not, the world is against you.

It’s against you, me, ALL OF US.

And we’re about to get the proof, folks…

So hang on tight as your worst suspicions get confirmed.

Folks on AskReddit shared their opinions about what exists only to mess with us.

Let’s dive in!

1. What’s the point?

“Daylight Savings Time.

It’s basically the government telling you to f**k up your biological clock and have a sh**ty Monday just to see if you’ll do it.

The pure capricious nature of it discourages most people from even inquiring about the “or else” for a whole year.

They just conform. It’s diabolical!”

2. Cruel.

“Sugar free gummy bears.

It seems like their only purpose is to lure innocent victims into having more than the serving amount (which is like 4), and then having their intestines tort**ed later.”

3. Pretty annoying.

“Silent letters in words.

Especially the word queue.

Motherfu**er is five letters long and four of them are silent.”

4. Not a bad idea.

“The tipping system in US restaurants…

Just include it into the price of the dish and divide it among all the employees!”

5. Filing taxes.

“In the US, filing taxes.

Most people only receive a w-2 form, and 1099-int, maybe a couple other forms. All those forms are sent to the US government as well.

This means the government generally knows your income. Yet you still need to file it yourself. It technically possible for the US government to send you a filled out tax form which asks you, “is this correct?”.

Instead, tax preparation companies lobby to prevent that from happening because if that did happen, they would lose their income.

Each time you pay for tax preparation software, or a tax preparer, you are giving money indirectly to lobbyists that do not ever want filing taxes to be simple.”

6. No….No!

“YouTube recommendations.

No, I don’t want to see that video again.

No, I don’t want to see videos from that channel, I’ve already ignored a dozen similar ones.

Still no.”

7. Little devils.


They look cute. You cuddle with them for a few hours.

And then they bite you.

And then you do that for years until they pass away.

And then when they pass away you cry.

They successfully emotionally manipulate you”

8. Useless!

“Wasps, gnats, mosquitos, bedbugs.

They’re all useless in the animal kingdom and if they stopped existing the world would not notice a negative effect.”

9. Drives me insane.

“People who refuse to go a single mph faster than the speed limit.

And then the guy right next to them in the other lane doing the same thing.”

10. Could go either way.

“Door handles.

It’s a gamble on whether it’s push or pull and you still get it wrong many times.”

11. Very divisive.


The world would be so much simpler if humanity didn’t believe in magic fairies.”

12. Kind of messed up.

“Hostile design in public areas.

Literally the only reason for it to exist is to make homeless people even more miserable by depriving them of a place to sleep.”

13. That’s too bad.

“Poison oak.

Only humans are allergic to it.

Other animals frolic in it, especially your dog which you then snuggle and now you’re miserable for a month.”

14. Try that again.

“USB cables.

And before you say no, ask yourself whether you have EVER gotten it right on the first try, because you have not.”

Okay, now it’s your turn.

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