15 People Share What They Think Is Classy if You’re Rich but Trashy if You’re Poor

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We live in a funny world. Some things are looked upon as classy if you have a lot of money, but downright trashy if you’re broke as a joke.

Know what I’m talking about?

AskReddit users weighed in on the subject.

What do you think?

1. True!

“Police escorts.”

2. So true!

“Being really into wine.”

3. Just like Dylan McKay on 90210

“Living at a hotel.”

4. Don Draper-style

“Keeping a bottle of liquor in your office.”

5. Pigsty or not

“Not cleaning your own house.”

6. This one is on point

“Day drinking.

Rich folks can have 5 mimosas at lunch and nobody bats an eye, but I bring a 40 for lunch and suddenly I’m “fired” and a “terrible role model for the students.” “

7. Boom!

“Getting money from the government.”

8. Hello, Ronald

“Being on a first name basis with a judge.”

9. Rolls Royce?

“The most expensive thing you own is a really old car.”

10. All over the place

“Having many, many pets.”

11. Casual…everyday

“Wearing hoodies/sweats/gym wear to work.. Especially in Tech.”

12. If you’re loaded, you can get away with it

“Walking around all day in a bathrobe.

My uncle used to get his paper around noon in his bathrobe so his neighbors would know he just woke up and didn’t have anywhere pressing to be.”

13. Take them away

“Having other people raise your kids.”

14. Right, right

“Having a wedding in your yard.”

15. Ugh

“Rich guy buys fast food: “He’s just like us!”

Poor guy buys fast food: “He should really make better choices.” “

16. It’s Snowing!


I don’t know how it is in other counties but in Scotland you have different ‘grades’ of coke

you have the cash you get ‘proper’ or ‘prop’ which is 75%+ pure cocaine.

whilst if your poor your stuck on ‘cooncil’ which is the lowest purity.

Well, that was interesting. There’s a lot more of those than I would have expected.

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