People Share What They Think Is the Worst Legal Thing You Can Do

Sadly, you can do a lot of terrible things in this world that are totally, 100% legal.

Things that most of us would never dream of doing. And they might infuriate you…

AskReddit users shared their thoughts on the subject.

1. That’s pretty infuriating.

“You can leak the names, addresses, email addresses, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and payment card details of nearly half of all Americans (and more than half of all American adults) and then settle for about $5/person.”

2. Makes my blood boil.

“Permanently destroying huge swaths of land.

There’s a development corporation in my hometown that has bought up virtually all of the remaining woods, meadows and wetlands in the area, paved them, and built retail spaces that go vacant just a few months later.

Businesses aren’t even moving into these “office parks”, but the group just keeps spreading out and “developing”. It seems like every month, I drive past another leveled tract of land.”

3. Whoa, that’s kind of intense.

“Groom your stepdaughter for over a decade, then when she’s 18, divorce her mom and hook up with your stepdaughter.”

4. It is pretty bad.

“I think it’s pretty shitty to claim bodily harm from a very minor car accident just to get 10k, and make the other person pay more for their car insurance. I’m looking at you, lady I hit going 3 mph.

Probably not the worst thing, but it’s pretty bad.”

5. Who the hell does this?

“Take custody of a pet in a divorce and the. Put the pet down out of spite.”

6. Ouch…

“Recruit people to join Scientology.”

7. If not…that…

“Is it illegal to leave your shopping cart in the parking lot instead of returning it to the corral? If not, that.”

8. People are pretty sh*tty.

“Sue your poorer ex spouse for child custody so repeatedly that you drain their finances and can’t fight it anymore.”

9. A lot of this out there.

“Steal people’s money through fine print conditions.”

10. Not a good idea.

“Ruin the world economy by handing out subprime loans.”

11. That’s not cool.

“Nestle claiming rights to water and then selling it back to the public at exorbitant prices all while polluting the earth with the production of single-use plastic bottles.”

12. Sign of the times.

“Fire all your employees and move your business to East Asia so you can essentially use slave labor.”

13. Does this sound familiar?

“Start a pharmaceutical company.

Develop a drug that people need to live.

Raise the price just because you know they’ll pay for it if they don’t want to die.”

14. Bullying and abusing.

“Bully someone. Mentally abuse someone. Making them feel bad about themselves their whole life.”

15. Vaccines do not cause autism.

“Not vaccinating your kids.”