People Share What They Think Should Be Totally Free

This is always a divisive question…especially in the United States.

What are you? Some kind of Socialist/Communist?

Well, not exactly, but I think there are certainly some things that should be free for our citizens…call me crazy…

Folks on AskReddit talked about what they think needs to be free.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Yup.


If not free, it should absolutely be dirt cheap, which it is but pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know that.”

2. It’ll cost you.

“Calling off a marriage.

Unfortunately all marriages are a three-way relationship with the government so they have the final say, primarily money.”

3. Toll after toll.

“I know this is small, but I hate toll roads.

If I already pay taxes etc, why is the government charging me for driving on an interstate or federal highway?”

4. Preach!

“Birth control.

We have more than enough people already.”

5. All of this.

“Water. Basic Internet. Education. Healthcare.

A minimum standard of living that doesn’t involve a cardboard box and sleeping bag.”

6. Wow.


I gave birth to my son in February, and even with pretty decent insurance I still owe $7,000 for shoving a human out.”

7. Free water.

“Running water.

It should be covered by taxes and not bought and sold like a commodity.

This is also why I hate bottled water.”

8. Truth.

“Medical care. It should be free globally and by law should be good quality too.

In the UK we have the NHS. I feel very lucky to have this and I wish everyone had it too.”

9. Some good points.

“School books. It’s horrendous what some people have to pay just to learn when they’re already paying so much to go to that school .

Ambulances or anything like that.

Emergency surgery.

Health care for the vulnerable: old people, people with mental health, needs , those who come from low income households basically those who could be able to actually buy or know what is needed to do in order to get what they need essentially.”

10. A big one.

“Access to the internet

If this pandemic has taught me anything it’s that remote working is a good thing and will probably continue going forward, also it’s great for keeping in touch with loved ones even if they’re thousands of miles away, which can be great for mental health.

Also, people can game which can be great for hand/eye coordination and creativity.

This pandemic I think has shown everyone that the internet is definitely an essential thing in this day and age, and should absolutely be free.”

11. A weird one.

“D**th. Why do I need to pay to die?

I don’t know but if I can’t afford to be buried or cremated, will my family be in debt because of my d**th?”

12. Seems like a no-brainer.

“Hospital parking .

Where I live not only do they charge for patients and visitors to park but they charge any and all staff as well.

For one if you are a patient or visitor the last thing you want on a stressful or worst day of your life or even a happy time like a baby been born is to have to pay for parking.

It is especially unfair if there is a time limit on your ticket because things take ages in hospitals and events change so you might not be able to help going over and then your left with a fine.

As for the poor staff where do I even start all the hard work they do , all the stress they face and likely being hungry, tired and d**d on their feet after a massive shift , going home for a few hours before they have to go back on shift and they have to sort out paying the meter at the start or end of the shift.

I understand the hospital need to make cash but there ate better ways than charging hard working staff and vulnerable people money to park.”

Now it’s your turn.

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