People Shared Common Childhood Experiences a Lot of Us Had

Do you remember the good old days?

Actually, I guess that’s not exactly a very clear question because we’re all different ages, right?

But I have a feeling that if you’re of a certain age, these photos are gonna open the floodgates and fill your brain with some memories of when you (and I) were young and dumb.

And I mean that in a good way!

So what do you say we take a trip down Memory Lane, okay?

Enjoy and we’ll see you in the comments!

1. Pick your poison.

I always went with the option on the top right. ALWAYS!

2. I could spend hours upon hours at a Blockbuster on a Friday night.

There were so many options! Horror! Sci-Fi! Comedy!

3. This brings back a lot of memories, doesn’t it?

Oh, you remember the orange tapes!

4. You did it. I did it. We all did it.

Don’t try to deny it!

5. That was kind of strange when you think about it.

I don’t know if this would fly today.

6. You bet it did!

You knew it was gonna be an epic day.

7. Light ’em up!

Trying to be an adult.

8. Do you remember?

Tune into the right channel!

9. There was a time…

When this was all the rage.

10. All the time!

I loved it!

11. Roll it up.

Had to pass the time somehow.

12. Spent a lot of time at the arcade.

I miss those days!

What items remind you of your childhood?

Talk to us in the comments and share some memories.

Thanks in advance!