People Are Sharing the Times They Forgot Words and Had to Make up New Ones


What’s that word again…? What am I trying to say here…?

Do you ever have moments like this? You try and try to remember a word, but to no avail?

It happens to the best of us, but it can also be comedy gold, my friends!

Here are some really good ones that’ll make you laugh.

1. My arm calves hurt.

2. I’m looking for an opportunity.

3. Kind of sounds correct…

4. I’m always hungry for sleep.

5. That is amazing.

6. Let’s consult the time map.

7. That’s kind of poetic.

8. I like this one.

9. Those bad crime people.

10. Bailed out at the last minute.

11. The old flappy bug.

12. That was long-winded.

13. I’m going to start using this.

14. You can never go back…

15. That’s pretty bad…

Did you enjoy that?

I know you’ve had some of these experiences, so please share them in the comments.

Don’t hold back on us!