Life can sometimes be a game of inches and a game of seconds.

You might be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe you took yourself out of a situation that was years in the making.

But we all barely escape danger or misery at some point in our lives…

Have you ever dodged a major bullet?

These AskReddit users sure have…let’s check out their stories.

1. Avoided a tragedy.

“I was booked on Pan Am flight 103 which went down over Locherbie Scotland.

I didn’t have a premonition or anything supernatural. I just decided to cancel my seat. Didn’t think anything of it until the plane went down and my mother had written down my flight plan and reminded me.

This was back in the day when you could cancel without a penalty up to a couple of days in advance.”

2. Fire hazard.

“I was subletting an apartment in college and got zapped by the electric stove.

Gave notice immediately and moved out with very clear reasons why I was moving out.

The building burned down a few weeks later.”

3. Bomb.

“In 1996 the IRA bombed the Arndale center in Manchester.

Myself and a group of friends were on a bus heading straight there. We were probably about ten to twenty minutes out.

The thing is, one of my friends was late. So we had to get on the bus just after the one we intended to get on. Guess where that bus was when the bomb went off?”

4. Bus crash.

“A bus.

I grew up in Bermuda, and since it is such a small island cars are limited to one per family, and everyone drives mopeds. I was driving into town, and came up to a red light behind a bus.

As is tradition, I scooted around the bus to be in the front of the line of traffic. Literally 2 seconds later a second bus smashed into the back of the first bus at like 30 mph.

I would have been pancaked. Without question, 100% dead. I just sat on the side of the road for a bit and thought about my mortality.”

5. You lucked out.

“My ex-girlfriend moved out of my house a day before the first lockdown in Spain.

She previously pulled a knife on me.”

6. Scary.

“A few months ago I was driving on I-80 at night when out of nowhere the biggest buck I’d ever seen is in the middle of my lane.

I did exactly what you’re not supposed to do and swerved, and thankfully managed to keep the rear of the car content with it.

I literally shaved that buck’s *ss. My mirror was folded in.

I know you’re not supposed to swerve, but I drive a tiny little thing and that buck’s body would’ve gone through my windshield into my and my wife’s face at 70 mph.”

7. Barely made it out.

“I found an explosive device in a National Guard training area when I was 14. It had little pull string and a metal plate to attach it to a tree.

I held the thing in my hand and almost pulled the string but decided to attach it to a tree instead and put on a longer pull string. I pulled the string and it blew a 5 inch hole in the tree.

The explosion was so loud the police came and it made the local news. (They didn’t catch me.) I would have lost at least one hand, maybe both or worse.”

8. Gut feeling.

“My first ever boyfriend dated me when I was 14 and he was 16.

We only dated for one week before he took me into the woods and forced me to kiss him. I started to feel ‘icky’ and broke it off that same day.

Five years later I found out that he was now in prison for r*ping two fourteen year old girls.”

9. A fork in the road.

“I was supposed to hang out with a couple of friends one night.

We were going to go to a party that we were all invited to the weekend before. I asked to get off work early so I could go to the party. My manager let me go early, so I went to go find my friends. But I had a really bad feeling all day and it just kept getting worse.

Instead of turning left to go to my friend’s house, I went right and went home. I found out a few weeks later that they got busted with cocaine in their car. They were 16 and 17 at the time. I was 18, so I would have been screwed.”

10. That’s wild.

“In 1996, my parents were deciding between two houses to move into.

They picked the new construction that resulted in being placed on shoddy soil and years of lawsuits when we ultimately moved in 2001.

Anyway, the other house they could’ve picked (presumably on better soil) would’ve placed my older sister at Columbine High School as a freshman for the 1998-1999 school year.”

11. Sketchy.

“Once at a bar a woman was surprisingly into me as we danced. If I had had more confidence back then I definitely could’ve taken her home.

In the end, one of my karaoke buddies ended up with her instead and got caught by her husband that night.”

12. Not a scratch.

“Driving along a road about 50 mph and a farm tractor comes out of a field straight into the side of me.

Spins my car and as I realise the car is going over I grip the steering wheel tight, close my eyes and brace myself for excruciating pain or death. The car rolls a few times then stops, upside down. I hang there by my seatbelt for a few stunned moments then realise I’m ok.

I walked away with not a single scratch or even a bruise. Car was destroyed, and all the emergency services who attended could not believe I was completely ok.”

Do you think you’ve ever dodged a huge bullet in your life?

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