People Sound off on What They Think Are the Worst Jobs to Have in 2020


I think a lot of jobs might qualify for this category right now…because the world is kind of a disaster, as we all know.

Police officers, nurses, grocery store workers…the list goes on and on…they all have it very rough right now…

What do you think is the worst job to have in 2020?

Let’s dive into these answers from folks on AskReddit.

1. A tough job.

“Being a paramedic kinda sucks right now.

I’m caught between protests and people dying of the rona. My partner at work just got sick and my company didn’t even pay for the testing. He’s still gone. People scream at me in the streets because I’m in uniform, but I’m just tryna keep everyone alive.

I feel guilty when someone gets real REAL hurt and I have to take them to a trauma hospital or heart hospital knowing they’re going to be in massive debt or dead because of my decision. I’ve got patients with real Karen energy just out for blood.

I drive a 15 year old car, I have no savings, and I haven’t taken a day off in 3 years. My stress levels are at a all time high, I’ve developed a stress rash around my nose, eyes, chest and scalp. Plus a fire truck ran over my favorite watch and I can’t get it glued back together quite right. I have no family, and few friends. I work 24 hour shifts.

What else do you want me to say?

2. Nursing.

“Certified nursing assistant.

Literally half my unit died of covid in the past 2 months and we couldn’t stop the spread because it’s a dementia floor and there’s no (legal) way to force a confused older person to stay in isolation. We had people coughing up their lungs walk around the unit and cough on all the other residents and nothing could be done about it.

Oh, and because my unit had so few living residents left, they had started leaving just one aide. Just one. For the whole floor. Where most of the residents left required 2 caregivers due to weight/aggression/etc. So now you’re on a floor full of very confused, often panicking, very sick people who will sometimes randomly attack you for no real reason that you’re physically unable to care for but if something goes wrong at all you’re still completely to blame.

No wonder all my senior CNAs are alcoholics.”

3. Crisis.

“Crisis Counselor checking in.

I work for one of the most popular lines. I’m in NYC. It’s been a tough couple of months, calls back to back, chats and texts. From all over the world ….ALL HOURS. It’s been rough, at times I sleep from end of shift to beginning of my next shift. Sometimes I don’t answer my personal phone, because I’m exhausted.

But…. I’ve been there when people have lost their shit, haven’t seen or spoken to someone in weeks, and yes it’s bloody hard. I love my job though, I can provide 30-120 mins of conversation to a person who, just wants to be heard, so companionship at a rough time.

This is what keeps me and my coworkers showing up, daily. We have to be diligent with self care, even if it is as simple as painting your nails and binge watching a show, so we can show up. Yea it’s a tough one, but someone’s gotta do it. Me 🤷🏾‍♀️So people,if you feel you need to reach out, please do. There are people who care, even if we will never meet.

Stay strong.”

4. Sounds horrible.

“Working in a fish factory in norway sucking the caviar out of them with a hoover spoon for 8 hours a day on a production line in a feezing cold factory where I couldnt talk to anyone because of the noise/language barrier.

Some of the caviar sprayed in my mouth and I thought “well, atleast I can say I’ve tried caviar”. It turned out to be poo the whole time… Then I got demoted to the section where they kill the fish and slice their gils so they bleed out, had to slice a few thousand fishes gils a day. Then when the fish were in season and they would shoot out semen all over the place. One time I somehow managed to stab myself in my right hand even though im right handed.

And got covered head to toe in blood and had to start work at 2am every day.”

5. Ugh.

“Customer Service, no matter what year it is, that will be the answer.

I left my Customer service job yesterday. I was employed to an unnamed, large scale “Christian” decor, arts, crafts, and hobby store.

It was a lobby of multiple departments. I told my mom about it this morning, giving as much detail as I could about how shitty it was to work for a company that’d did not care about me, only about results.

Her answer “you left your $11/hour job? That’s stupid, you can’t find $11/hour anywhere, you’re unskilled labor.””

6. Shitty customers.

“Retail cashier at a liquor store.

My mask isn’t going to protect me, according to the anti-mask drunks coughing and sneezing while I ring up their purchases.”

7. Medical field.

“Anything medicine.

Lack of PPE

Crazy long hours OR:

Getting furloughed because elective stuff is all cancelled.

getting sick from COVID and possibly dying

Not being able to live with your own family due to your constant exposure to COVID.”

8. Sex workers.


Just saw an article about Amsterdam sex workers, and yeah, it’s difficult – they have a hard time getting unemployment insurance, they’re not allowed to go back to work even as salons and bars reopen, etc.

It’s a difficult time for anyone doing in person work, doubly so for anything stigmatized.”

9. Cleaning up.

“Jantorial work must be a nightmare, trying to “sanitize” every surface while also touching every surface. Then add to that the mess left by rioters and looters that might hit your place of responsibility.

But to be fair ANY JOB is better than NO JOB right now.

So your job may be the worst, but be happy you are still earning a paycheck.”

10. The law.


I heard alot of them are pulling 16-18 hr shifts right now to deal with riots. Exhaustion and violence just seems like a terrible combination for all involved.”

11. Minimum wage.

“My sister works at a grocery store deli for a dollar over minimum wage.

She’s worked every day of this pandemic, been sick 4 times, been tested for covid 8 times, and has COPD. She’s our front line hero with no health insurance who barely makes her rent.

People on unemployment make more than twice as much weekly as she does.

There is no better example of the failure of capitalism in America.”

12. A nightmare.

“Sewer cleaning in a third world country.

You literally have to dive in the filthy manholes with no protective gear, googles, nothing.”

13. Sounds terrible.

“Prison guard.

Essential worker, high risk of COVID-19 and violence, low pay.”

14. That sucks.


I’m pulling on average $13 per 4hr shift from the 1-2 tables that decide to “risk their lives” for a burger.”

15. Always a bad job.

“I think Manual Sewer cleaner is still the worst job ever.

Especially in developing countries with no hazmat suits.”

16. No work.

“Freelance corporate event AV production manager here.

All of my work for the entire YEAR is gone. Right as I got the biggest raise in my entire life, 2020 was about to be the year I climbed out of this hole of medical debt. Now I’m making the least I’ve made since I left high school.

This is also the first career I’ve ever had that I absolutely love…”

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