People Talk About Common Things That They Just Can’t Relate To

Pearl Jam. Kardashian worship. Kombucha.

What do these things have in common? They’re all really popular things that I just can’t relate to…

Call me crazy, but it is what is…and I’m sure you have a lot of things like this in your life, too.

AskReddit users opened up about the common things that they just can’t relate to.

1. I feel this one.

“Hanging out in loud crowded places.

Give me a place where you can actually have a conversation and elbow room.”

2. Not good.

“Fighting/yelling/hostility in relationships with my significant other.

It could very well stem from my childhood, I guess.

It’s not to say we don’t have disagreements or the relationship is flawless but obstacles always have been resolved without much issue. Fortunately this held true with all of my romantic relationships.

I’ve always lived by the saying “conflict is inevitable, fighting is optional.””

3. Really weird.

“Internet couples that play AWFUL pranks on each other.

Like, yuppp, how nice it is to be cruel to one another.”

4. That’s sad.

“Loving and wanting to spend time with your family.

Had a terrible awful childhood, as an adult just lots of toxic interactions whenever anyone from my family got involved in my life so all cut off.

When I see people posting about their family and how much they love them, I just dont understand it. I dont understand my fiance missing his mom etc. I know I’m the anomaly, but I just cant relate in anyway.”

5. Not ready yet.

“Wanting to settle down by your 30s.

In Asian families, not being married and having kids by 30 is like blasphemy. If old Asian grandmas were in charge of the law they would make it a punishable offense.

Fortunately the traditional views of ‘family’ is dying out with the newer generations. Now people are encouraged to set themselves in life before diving head first into starting a family.”

6. It’s all a mystery…

“Preoccupation with the lives of celebrities.


Why do people read about it or want to know what someone did today?”

7. Sounds miserable.

“All of my friends love to get dressed up, buy overpriced drinks, and take pictures.

That’s their idea of fun.

I just don’t get it.”

8. Cult-like.

“People’s love of Disneyland and Disney paraphernalia.

I don’t like roller coasters, and I’m not that into Disney. I do like a lot of the newer films very much, but Disney as an identity is bizarre to me.

This is especially tough as an elementary school teacher, because most of my coworkers are obsessed.”

9. No, thank you.

“The desire to have children.

When my wife and I met in ’78, one of the first discussions we had was a casual one about children. She didn’t want any; neither did I.

And that’s how we find ourselves 42 years later without a child in sight.”

10. Not feeling it.

“Football. I don’t get it.

It’s so slow and I can’t relate to it at all. College football is even weirder to me. 45 year olds cheering on a sophomore in college?

It’s just weird, I feel like I’m missing something.”

11. All or nothing.

“Shallow dating. Such as dates only to f*ck or apps for it (Tinder and such).

I just can’t handle it that well.

For me, there needs to be emotional connection or nothing at all.”

12. Working to live.

“Living to work.

I’ve never understood the obsession with working all the time. I just want a simple job, collect my pay and go home.

I live to enjoy what life has to offer outside of working.”

13. Interesting.


You didn’t choose where you were born. You likely didn’t have an impact in any of the things that make your country great. Some of you haven’t even been to another country.

It’s just tribalism to me and I just don’t get it.”

14. Bad news.

“Dabbling in really addictive drugs.

I always see people casually getting more and more into cocaine. Always starts with a line or two at the weekend and then within a year or two most of those people are mad into it.

Seen it happen loads now I’m into my 30s. Just seems such a risky thing to get into.”

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