People Talk About Completely Legal Things That Make Folks Look Like Really Bad

What I’m doing is perfectly legal!

How many times have you heard that in your life out in public when someone is acting like a total psychopath? Probably more than a few, right?!?!

Human beings sure are weird, and we’re about to get a heaping helping of weirdness from people on AskReddit.

Let’s check out their thoughts on what legal things people can do that make them look like total psychos. Enjoy!

1. No, I’m good.

“Walk into any store and just lay down.

If anyone asks if you need help, tell them you’re fine.

Then, after a minute or so, stand up and go about your business.”

2. Whatever floats your boat.

“Take a stroller/chest carrier with a fake baby in it, proceed as if it is in fact your living child.

Bonus points if you can throw your voice.”

3. Creeping people out.

“Sitting on a park bench as a grown man brushing your dollie’s hair and telling her what a pretty girl she is.”

4. You looked crazy, I’m sure.

“I went on a little hike with my family. We got lost and went on the wrong trail.

Dumped the kids stroller with a big monkey from Ikea in it. Carried my daughter on the shoulders.

Anyway I went back at 18:00 to pick it up and retrieve our car as well. Sweden so its black outside. So I walk with a stroller with a monkey in it in a pitch black trial in the woods.

If someone saw me, they would think i was a psychopath.”

5. Do you need some help?

“Do T-Rex arms while humming quietly to yourself the Jurassic Park song.

When someone looks at you, stare back and start humming louder.”

6. Pretty specific.

“Wearing a pair of whitey tighties on your head so your eyes see out the leg holes and you can feed yourself through the Y-front.”

7. I’m gonna be sick.

“Take a mayonnaise jar, empty its contents, and fill it with vanilla pudding.

Sit down and eat in public.”

8. I’ll try this.

“Eating a burger upside down.

People look at me like I’m crazy but it’s the best way to get the flavor”

9. Perfectly legal.

“Sit on your front porch in a bathing suit and start eating jello with great enthusiasm.

Then begin rubbing it all over your body.

Nothing illegal about it.”

10. Not cool.

“Sitting next to someone on public transport, when there are plenty of other seats where you wouldn’t have to sit next to anyone.”

11. You’re scaring people!

“Taking photos of people on the street, or even on their property.

If you can see them from public locations it’s perfectly legal to photograph them here, but can be creepy as f*ck.

It’s for this reason I don’t do street photography – too easy to be seen as a creeper!”

12. What are you doing?

“My husband likes to go outside and cut the weeds in our lawn with scissors and put them in a small plastic bag because our pet Guinea pigs like to eat them.

A few neighbors have stopped to ask him why he’s cutting his grass with scissors, and he just tells them he’s the new landscaper.”

13. Hmmm…

“Apparently, eating cold spaghetti out of a plastic bag, because my friends constantly give me sh*t for it.

It’s a versatile food container, it will fit wherever you put it in, and the only dish I have to worry about cleaning when it’s done is the fork if I even brought one.

Cold spaghetti for the win.”

14. Uh oh.

“Fill a Windex bottle with Gatorade and drink in public.

One of my friends did this the last day of middle school.
It was funny until a teacher had a full panic attack and both poison control and an ambulance was called.

He was heavily reprimanded and barred from participating in the graduating ceremony once he finally had a chance to explain that it was just blue Gatorade.

It’s a day that lives in infamy only just eclipsed by the hot sauce incident.”

People sure are weird, huh…?

And now we want to get even weirder!

In the comments, tell us about more things that are perfectly legal that you can do but make you look like a psycho.

Please and thank you!