People Talk About Jobs Where You Absolutely Can’t Make a Mistake

I take my hats off to the following folks: doctors, surgeons, nurses, pilots, truck drivers, scientists…any many more.


Because they have incredibly important jobs where people literally depend on them to keep them safe and alive.

And, when you think about it, there are a lot of jobs out there where the person really can’t make ANY kind of mistake, or there will be really results.

Let’s see what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. In the lab.

“Clinical laboratory science.

It happens but we try hard to prevent it. If my lab screws up, someone could get the wrong cancer treatment.

The idea of someone going through chemotherapy that’s targeting the wrong thing is what keeps me awake at night.

Hasn’t happened so far, thankfully.”

2. Yikes.

“Aircraft maintenance crew.

Mistakes are very expensive not only you can damage plane but there are additional costs like delays, finding replacement etc.

The worst case scenario is when mistake cause emergency landing or plane crash.”

3. Has to be perfect.

“Construction for space travel.

Every single bolt has to be perfect. Everything in place. One slightly loose misaligned component can cause depressurization and catastrophic failure. I know I won’t live to see commercial space flight but even if I did there would be no way in hell I would go up into space.

Far too much room for human error and far too dangerous results.”

4. A tough one.

“Pediatric brain surgeon.

My nephew had brain surgery when he was 4.

Best have your head screwed on tight to make a living doing that.”

5. Timber!

“Falling trees around power lines and houses.

I’ve known guys who’ve made both those mistakes. One took a house down to the foundation, the other got fried.

Both survived. Barely.”

6. Whoa!

“My brother in law is a software engineer at some air conditioning company, and he has to program these giant fans to turn off for about an hour everyday so workers can go in and replace or reset something.

If they turn back on too early, it will kill or severely injure the guy inside.”

7. Very dangerous.

“Manufacturing and or working with heavy machinery.

You can easily get your self and others injured and depending on how bad your mistake is could very well be your last.”

8. Hahaha. True!

“Holding the flashlight for your Dad while he fixes stuff.

One mistake and you’re getting yelled at.”

9. Interesting.

“Conning Officer on a warship.

They’re (one of) the key personnel who make navigation decisions on a ship.

One mistake and you can run aground, causing loss of life and ecological disaster, or crashing into another ship and causing the same thing.

The really scary part? If you’re not on top of your job and allow the ship to sail into another country’s territorial waters. Can you imagine if a US warship sailed into internationally recognized Chinese waters? That could possibly kick off a war between two nuclear superpowers.”

10. High in the sky.

“Those guys that climb to the very tippy top of those towers to repair stuff.

I saw a video on YouTube once and was like yep this is the most dangerous job ever.”

11. Feeding the animals.

“My old volunteer job where I prepared animal diets at a zoo.

Screw something up, and the food may go to the wrong animal or animals may get the wrong food (or too much/not enough). You could get (reasonably) yelled at by zookeepers who love the animals as if they’re their children. You could accidentally get an animal sick (or even a keeper sick! Some had allergies to certain foods).

Lots of stuff went into it. It was one of the funnest positions ever, though.”

12. Drive safely.

“Bus driving, especially school bus driving.

One wrong move and you become liable for the death of people because someone forgot to check their brakes.”

13. Can’t mess that up.

“Parachute “experience” guides.

You know – pay the company $$$ and they’ll have someone do a tandem parachute with you.

If those guys mess up then two people are probably dead, and the company may not survive either.”

14. High alert.


Basic mistakes can rapidly lead to death.

You have to be attentive 24/7 and mentally keep yourself from being bored.”

15. Better be done the right way.


If you don’t tighten a gas pipe tight enough that can create leaks and one spark can make the whole house explode.”

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