People Talk About Little Things That Automatically Make Them Distrust Someone

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Do you ever get that odd feeling when someone does or says something that seems kind of small and irrelevant, but it really rubs you the wrong way and you immediately don’t trust them?

Since everyone is different, you know that these responses are going to be pretty interesting.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. What are you up to?

“The way too hard handshake. A firm handshake is great but some people make it weird.

Firm grip and one shake. If you want more than that, you’re trying to sell me something.”

2. Talkin’ trash.

“When they talk mad shit about everyone around them to you, (and since it’s all nonsense you just let it go in one ear and out the other) but the moment you vent a frustration they run and tell everyone this exaggerated story which makes you look awful and the whole time you know they’re the firestarter but you cant say anything without looking petty… and that’s how I quit my job.

Yall have fun with that.”

3. Not a good thing.

“When they can’t be happy when their friends succeed in the ways they haven’t.

If your jealousy is that profound, I don’t want to be around you.”

4. One-uppers are the worst.

““One Better Syndrome” – where no matter what your experience, your history, your anecdote theirs is better, worse, funnier.”

5. About my lawnmower…

“When someone borrows something and never attempts to return or mention it until you bring it up.”

6. Very hypocritical.

“When they judge others for the very things they’re guilty of themselves.”

7. How do people have time for that?

“When they put a lot of energy into manipulating people instead of just living their lives.”

8. You have to keep that trust.

“People who can’t keep something to themselves and talk about another person’s private matters.

I’m very private about myself, as trust takes years to build up but seconds to shatter.”

9. Full of shit.

“They make up an answer for something instead of saying, “IDK”. Married my husband in part because I told him my car was making a funny noise and could he help.

He said, “I can open the hood. I can look at it. I can say, ‘yep, that looks like an engine.’ After that I’m lost.””

10. We’re a family here.

“Any interviewer that brags about the “family” atmosphere at work or puts too much emphasis on the “culture”.

We work really hard but we’re like family … so it’s totally ok if we take advantage of you?”

11. No way…

““I’m having some people over this weekend, I’m gonna have drinks and some food. You should come by.”

Weekend comes.

“Thanks for coming everyone, so today I’d like to talk about an amazing business opportunity..”

Hell na, to the na na na.”

12. Very unreliable.

“Repeatedly not following through…small things too.

Hey, I’ll talk to you later this afternoon. Nothing. I listened to this great song, I’ll send it to you. Nothing.

I just feel like those little moments are foreshadowing bigger things / disappointments to come.”

13. All about me.

“Their phone background is a selfie.

My lab partner in bio’s entire camera roll is pictures of herself. No other people or landscapes, just her.

I silently judge her so much for that.”

14. Lost all faith.

“When they litter. I don’t know why but as soon as someone throws a wrapper out the window I immediately lose all faith in that person.

Like you can hold it for an hour. If you can’t hold onto a thing that long, how long will you hold what I tell you?”

15. Not something to brag about.

“If someone happily tells you they’ve cheated on someone before.

One of the biggest red flags ever.”

16. Watch our for these folks.

“When they come on REALLY strong seeking my friendship. In my experience, anyone who starts out with intense flattery, saying things like “let’s be best friends!” — inevitably turns into a jealous, undermining asshole within months.

Healthy people seek friendships with people they like. Unhealthy people pressure you into intense BFF-dom, suck up your energy, then belittle and discard you.”


“The way they treat waitstaff and janitors etc.

If they treat fellow human beings like trash because they are working a menial job, then they aren’t to be trusted.”

Those are definitely red flags for those people.

How about you? What makes you immediately distrust someone?

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