People Talk About Signs That Make Them Think Folks Grew up Poor

Sometimes, you can just tell

I’m talking about how you can recognize that someone grew up poor…

And if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, let these AskReddit users educate you on the matter.

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Reuse it.

“This plastic bag only has two small holes in it.

It can still carry things larger than the holes!”

Good one.

“Poor people care about amount of food, middle care about nutrition, rich people care about the experience.”


“Still being marveled by an ice maker and side by side doors.

I’m in a place in my life now where my fridge has TWO ice makers and I feel so fancy.

Ice for days! No ice trays!”


“In the US I’d say poor dental history or teeth – dental work is a luxury.

Overall, I’d say many hoarders grew up poor because they are so afraid of not having something if they’ll need it so they keep everything.”


“Hoarding is very much a poor persons go-to psychosis. Just like the concept of minimalist living is the pipe dream of the well off.

I’d love to feel like I could exist in a minimalist space, the ability to get whatever you need when and as you need it instead of keeping every extra screw just in case you ever need one like it again?”

Missing out.

“Lack of exposure to cultural events. missing out on experiences that others may take for granted, such as attending concerts, traveling, or participating in extracurricular activities.”



I went on 2 out of state trips my entire childhood.”

Lonely summer.

“Never going to summer camps when 99% of the other kids do

Lots of very lonely summers.”

Different shows.

“I wasn’t in the know with all the cool Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon shows.

But I did watch Arthur, Cyberchase, Clifford and Dragon Tales.”


“A personal anecdote:

For backstory, I’m the primary financial provider for my wife and I, but I really don’t care what she does with our money. If our bills are paid and we have food to eat, I’m fine.

I grew up fairly poor, so I never really bought anything for myself, or asked for anything to be bought for me. A few months ago a video game I had wanted to play was on sale for like…. $2.50, and I said to my wife “hey, can I buy this?”

Not really because I wanted “permission” but because I hadn’t logged in to check our financial state and didn’t know if the money was already set aside for bills. But she looked at me and said “did you just ask permission to buy a $2.50 game with your own money?….”

So I’d say the hesitance to buy anything for yourself, regardless of how stupidly cheap it was.”

Wear them out.

“I have ”poverty toes”.

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up so shoes were worn until they d**d, regardless of fit.

My toes are curled and with prominent knuckles from being scrunched into too-small shoes.”

Keep it all.

“Sentimentality. Not that wealthier people can’t be sentimental.

But my dad, whose parents grew up in the rural South during the great depression, wants to keep every little thing of my mom’s. Everything.

He would prefer to keep her bedroom as is.

I always wondered why he wanted to keep it like that. But then I realized, the only thing we have left is my mom’s ashes in an urn.

There was no funeral, no memorial, (she didn’t want any and there was no one to come anyways) no tombstone. Nothing that feels tangible, personal, etc.

We don’t have the luxury of beautiful personal mausoleums, or headstones, or anything else in the Western d**th culture.

My mom’s bedroom, and all her stuff is the closest we will ever have to a memorial for my mom. It’s a tomb, without a body in it.”

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