People Talk About the Life Advice That Has Made a Difference


Most advice is a dime a dozen and not that helpful, but every once in a while in life you’re smacked upside the head with GREAT advice that you hang on to forever.

Maybe it came from a parent, a sibling, a boss, a teacher, or even a complete stranger.

When you hear it and it sticks with you, you know it’s valuable.

Check out the best advice that AskReddit users say they’ve received.

1. Can you live without them?

“My grandpa told me this after I had moved into with my girlfriend and said living together was coming so easily:

It’s not the person who is easy to live with, it’s the person you can’t live without.

We’re married now.”

2. This is good.

“My dad told me a story about a time he bought some firewood. He paid for a cord of wood, but the guy only dropped off half a cord.

When he went to the guy’s house to confront him about it, the guy pulled a gun on him, so my dad left.

“The lesson,” he taught me, “is that when you are dealing with crazy people, always leave them feeling like THEY owe YOU. That way, they will go out of their way to avoid you.”

I have used this advice several times in my life.”

3. Seems pretty true.

“Nobody has any idea what’s going on.

A lot less people actually have their sh*t together than you might think, but in reality everyone is just really good at faking it. Usually, they may have a true grasp of one or two things at best.

That advice made me a lot less anxious about doing things like trying new hobbies, giving presentations, or applying for jobs I know nothing about, because I know very few people are actually qualified to judge my performance.”

4. I like this one.

“My step-dad once told me:

If there is a problem and you know the solution, you can solve it, so stop worrying about it. If there is a problem you can’t solve, then there is nothing you can do, so stop worrying about it.”

5. Just enjoy it.

“The meaning to life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple.

Yet everybody rushes around in a great panic as if It were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves”

6. They’ll notice.

“When you find a place you like to work in, make yourself indispensable.

I’m a waitress and for the last 3& 1/2 years I’ve worked in a place I love to be in. There is no job there I turn down. I clean the toilets, I can run the potwash, I’ll do the hoovering.

If cuts ever have to be made, my name will not be on the list.”

7. Just go for it!

“There comes a time when one must risk something, or sit forever with one’s dreams”

8. You gotta go get it.

“I’m a 45 yo woman.

As a teen my dad told me to go after what I wanted… College, jobs, clubs, a guy I was interested in, any goal.

He said if we all just sat around and only took the opportunities that fell into our laps we would all be miserable, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Rejection can be survived, but there are some regrets from which you’ll never recover.

This has served me well professionally and relationship wise. My amazing husband only asked me out because I made sure he knew I was interested.”

9. Words to live by.

“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”

-College professor in my life drawing class when I got frustrated about not being as talented as other students in class, I buckled down and got my B and beat the class average by the end of the quarter.”

10. Don’t be an idiot.

“You are an idiot to focus on things you cannot change, instead of working on things that you can change.

That changed my life a lot.”

11. Use it to your advantage.

“The reason a lot of us experience anxiety is because we are idle or unhappy.

The best advice I ever got was from a random stranger. “Anxiety some times isn’t a bad thing it’s our bodies way of telling us to get in gear, and to press forward to give our life meaning and fulfillment” I went back to school quit my old job and it actually worked.

I have been Anxiety free for 2 years.”

12. Thanks, grandma.

“My grandmother was walking with me down the hall when I was in 3rd grade and noticed I was walking with my head down. She said, “always keep your head up high, and your shoulders back”.

I’ve done it ever since, and to this day I get compliments on how well I carry myself, and how much confidence I exude.

Every time someone says that, I’m taken back to that moment in time with my grandmother.”

13. It’s true!

“Every day you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse.

And the choice is yours.”

14. Do it the right way.

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

That was my dad’s consistent line when I was growing up. Now I’m a thirty-something father, relatively successful in life, and that line is the consistent theme for me.

If I’m going to put effort into doing something, I will do the best job that I am capable of doing. Everything from home renovations, work projects, cooking a meal, to reading bedtime stories. Giving less than my best effort to the task at hand is doing myself a disservice, and the people I am working for.

That’s not to say everything has to be perfect all the time, sometimes your best effort is just getting the job done. But half *ssed attempts at anything mostly just lead to disappointment, and more work when you have to re-do the thing.”

15. Be positive.

“Go a week without complaining about others and yourself.

Actively stop yourself for a week and see how your outlook changes.”

16. It’s just the way it is.

“The world doesn’t care about you and it’ll leave you behind unless you try to make something of yourself.

The world isn’t cruel, it’s just apathetic.”

Do you remember the best advice you ever received in your life?

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