People Talk About the Most Paranormal Thing That Has Ever Happened to Them

Have you ever had an experience that you just couldn’t explain no matter how hard you tried?

Something that totally scared you out of your wits?

These people sure have, and you’re about to read their frightening stories.

Folks on AskReddit shared the creepiest stories that have happened to them.

1. St. Augustine.

“My friend and I were on a late-night ghost tour of the St. Augustine lighthouse. It’s said to be haunted by the young daughters of a former lighthouse keeper.

They had died tragically by drowning. At the end of the tour, and after the guide had related the tale of how the little girls died, a woman approached me to say how well-behaved my daughter was. I stared in disbelief and answered, “I don’t have a daughter.”

She persisted, “Well, there was a little girl quietly standing next to you through the whole talk.”

There were no children on the tour and my friend had been standing beside me.

The guide heard the conversation and produced an old photo of the keeper’s daughters. He asked the woman, “Did she look like any of these girls?”

The woman’s eyes grew huge. She took a step back, grabbed her husband’s arm and stammered, “I think we need to leave.”

I was so disappointed that I hadn’t seen the little girl myself!”

2. One Saturday night…

“One Saturday night when I was a teenager, I had been at a friend’s house and went home about 10 PM.

When I got there no one else was home which I thought was odd, but I was sure they would be home soon. Time went by and they still were not home and I was getting nervous. I had never been home alone so late at night before. I looked out the kitchen window and at the end of the driveway under the street light a man stood looking toward our house.

At first I thought it was our neighbor who walked his dog at all hours of the night. This was summer and the man was wearing an overcoat and a fedora. I then realized it was not the neighbor because he always wore shorts in the summer and he would not be wearing an overcoat.

I had a border collie, named Elvis, of course, and he was very protective and had no fear of anything. The man started walking toward the back door , I could hear his footsteps as he walked on the gravel driveway. I must admit I was very scared! So I said to Elvis “Go get him” and let him out the back door. He went out the door like a shot, snarling and barking.

Suddenly he got quiet and the next thing I knew, he started whining and whimpering and ran back into the house with his tail between his legs. I was terrified! I heard the footsteps continue toward the backdoor. Elvis and I ran out the front door and ran to my friends house and stayed there overnight. My family came home the next day.

The had gone to a friends hunting camp and spent the night. My parents had no idea that I would be afraid to be home alone and didn’t think to leave a note telling me they would not be home until the next day. When I told them about the man and how Elvis reacted they thought I was making it up because I was mad about being left alone.”

3. Pretend it’s not there.

“When I was about 7 or 8 I was in bed unable to sleep at the time and I didn’t know why (at this time I left my door open while I was sleeping). I felt weird, like someone was looking or watching me.

So I started looking around my room and I looked at the door and there was a dark silhouette of a women in what looked like a dress. I thought it was my mom making sure I was asleep, so I said “Hi mom, I just can’t sleep but I’ll go to sleep”, but she didn’t answer.

After a couple of minutes the shadow took one step in my room then my parents door opened and it disappeared, from that day forward I never slept with my door open ever again.

Sometimes I’ll wake up with the same feeling that somebody was staring at me and when I’d look at the door the door would be open and that same silhouette was standing there, so I just turn over and pretend it’s not there.”

4. Grandma.

“Just a few weeks before my 12th birthday, my grandma passed. It was my first experience with death (pets not included).

I was at camp when she left and my parents told me when I came home. I was devastated and a week after her passing i was laying in bed crying, really upset.

Then all of a sudden I became completely calm in a second, i saw/felt my grandma ‘floating’ above me as i heard her say: it’s ok sweetie, don’t cry. Now I have to go, go see the rest of the family.

If it wasn’t for my emotions and breathing tot calm so fast, i would have thought that i’d made it all up, but i really believe it was my grandma checking in and saying goodbye.”

5. Growling.

“My mom told me this story when I was little. I was about four years old, my mother and I lived in an apartment near a country club in SC.

I didn’t ever know my biological father. Anyway, so I would go to bed, and less than an hour later I would run across the hallway into my mother’s bedroom and sit on her bed. My mom was okay with this, as most of the time she was downstairs watching a show on the TV.

Then, one night I came running down the stairs. My mom asked me why I had come downstairs in such a rush and why I wasn’t asleep. I told her that there was a man in a funny hat making noises at me. She asked what noises he made and I growled. She was shocked and upset.

The explanation behind this is that the country club was on a road near a Union soldier cemetery. The man in my room was a Union soldier ghost. And he growled at me, probably to try to communicate.”

6. The nightmare.

“When I was 15 I had a nightmare of being in the woods during twilight and way off in the distance there was a figure standing. He had his shoulders up but slouched forward and head down staring at me.

You could feel the evilness oozing out of him. I have never been so petrified in my life. I woke up and I could still feel this dark, heavy, menacing spirit all around me. I prayed for light and safety and eventually the heaviness disappeared.

Here’s where things get creepy because we all have bad dreams right? Fast forward a few years I don’t know how it came up but I told my dad I once had a dream of this evil person and he said, “Oh, he looked like this,” he hunched forward and stared at menacingly then went on to describe my nightmare.

He said when he was 15 he had the same nightmare. Neither of us had it again.”

7. A strange thing.

“When my grandmother passed away, my auntie (who lived with her) got a puppy for company.

One night we were sitting on the bed (where my grandmother had died) and I picked up the puppy and put him on the bed and for no apparent reason he started to growl and bark at the bed.

I stood up and he was still growling at the bed. My auntie was not very impressed when I suggested my grandmother’s spirit could be there. She got scared and picked up the puppy.

I didn’t mention it again or put the dog on the bed ever again. But I still find it a strange thing all these years later.”

8. I’m a witch…

“So, I’m a witch, and I do a cleansing of my home every week. I remember one time, I was smudging and burning incense, and I command all negative energies to leave my home.

Suddenly, I hear a clatter, and I see my hairbrush fell on the ground. I command again, and suddenly I see a dark shadow dart out and away, as if something was pushing it out.

It lasted for a second but I thought I saw a flash of light. I think that my deities were there, protecting me. As a witch, that was one of my first experiences with paranormal activity.”

9. Haunted house.

“I grew up in a haunted house, and took the ghosts for granted

My sister and I were about 7 or 8, and thought it was perfectly normal to ask the ghost to pull the shades up and down…and they did.

I mentioned it to a teacher at school…a truly evil nun, who said we were lying and that there was no such thing, and she would whack me with her sticker (OH I wanted a weapon about this time).

She actually called my parents in, and when she told them what we said, they backed us up 100%. We thought everyone had a ghost in their houses. LOL.”

10. Confederate soldiers.

“Have the ghost of Confederate soldier appears in one bedroom of my house. Smiles and is friendly to whoever sleeping there.

Years ago found an old abandoned grave(what it appears to be) in the woods on my property line. Local law wanted nothing to do with it. I talked to the house told soldier I would open grave and try to get him home.

I am in the process of opening grave..soldier has not appeared since I talked to house. Hope to give one person peace after 150 years”

11. That’s creepy.

“The most paranormal thing that has ever happened to me was nearly 20 years ago. I was 19, still living at home. And going to bed quite early it would seem as this happened around 10 pm.

I was asleep in bed and a creepy voice yelled in my ear, “Death!” I woke up with a start and looked around but there was no one there and so I went back to sleep. In the morning, I woke up and went to the lounge room to turn on the tv. The news was on. Some big crash.

I didn’t like watching the news so I changed the channel. The same news was on every channel. It was 9/11 coverage.

I live in Australia, so when the creepy voice yelled at me at around 10 pm, it was around 10 am in New York.”

12. Still get the chills.

“Many years ago I joined the Peace Corps and as part of the training we were sent to Trinidad. While we were there a local resident whose family had owned, since the 17th century, a large plantation invited us all to spend the evening at his estate for a barbecue.

It was extremely hot and I started to feel dizzy so a staff member took me to an unused bedroom so I could rest. As I was dozing off I suddenly became very cold and saw a little girl in a long dress standing at the foot of the bed. She gestured to me to follow her down a very long hallway and at the end there was a huge door which opened into a large room which opened out to a garden.

There I saw a very very old woman playing the piano. She asked who I was and I told her everything that had just happened. I said I thought maybe I was sleepwalking or dreaming. Then she showed me a photo from the early part of the century of two little girls and I identified one as the child I had seen.

She told me that the photo was of her and her sister who had been murdered when a rebellion broke out at the plantation and that every once in a while someone will see her. Her room was the one I had been resting in and she always wanted to lead the people staying there to her sister (the lady playing the piano).

Her great grandson who had invited the Peace Corps trainees to his plantation came in and wanted to question me more as he was keeping a record of the sightings. I was so freaked out I asked to be taken back to where everyone else was eating and enjoying the festivities. I never mentioned it to anyone there and never kept in touch with the Trinidad grandson although he wrote to me for years.

I am 75 years old now and I still get the chills when I think about it. I know no one ever believed me”

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