People Talk About the Small Daily Habits That Have Changed Their Lives

Sometimes, all it takes is one little, seemingly simple thing to turn your entire life around.

Maybe it’s quitting something (smoking, soda, drinking) or maybe it’s incorporating something into your daily life like a walk, a jog, or some meditation.

Whatever the case, making small and positive changes to your daily habit really can make a world of difference.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. It works!

“Making a to-do list or using a to-do app.

Changed my grades completely, reduced stress and sorted my life.”

2. Put the pen to paper.

“Just writing a few hundred words a day for my stories.

Sometimes I get discouraged that I can’t churn out two or three thousand words most of the time, but just sticking with my minimum has let me finish several novels in the last four years.

Not that I make life changing money from them, but writing is the hobby that makes me the happiest.”

3. It’s good for you!

“Drinking enough water.

I drink a tall glass right after getting up, one right before going to sleep and over the day I drink a tall water bottle (1,5 to 2l). My skin is better. I get up faster in the morning (mostly because I have to pee).

I feel way more energetic all through the day.”

4. Get them bones crackin’!

“Funny enough, doing workout stretches every morning.

It makes you feel more ready and the cracks of every body part after a good night’s sleep are so satisfying to hear.”

5. Write it down.

“I keep a journal to record my days and my thoughts.

It helps me deal with all the pressures in my life as I can tell someone my stuff without having to actually tell anyone.”

6. Starting off the right way.

“Making my bed every morning.

It just helps me become a productive person throughout the day with the simple act of making up my bed.”

7. Time to clean.

“Clean for five minutes. That’s all it takes.

A few times lately, I’ve run out of things to do after less than five minutes.

Having a clean and organized home is so much mentally healthier.”

8. As simple as that!

“I play with my dog 3 times a day.

after breakfast

after lunch

after dinner

Depression is no more.”

9. Start fresh every day.

“Tidying up before bed.

That means dishes done and the dishwasher is on or running, garbage picked up, toys/clothes/etc go back to their ‘home’. By doing this every night it makes it so easy to wake up in the morning for me.

It’s nice to start fresh with a clean environment.”

10. No more crashes.

“Cutting out sugar.

Was hard at first, but I feel better all day, and no longer have the afternoon “crash” at work.”

11. Sounds refreshing!

“Cold showers.

My alarm goes off and I immediately jump up, stand in the shower and then turn it on cold. It’s my first obstacle of the day, and while it sucks for a few seconds it leaves you feeling like you’re already in control.

Being 14 months alcohol and tobacco-free now I can honestly say that this routine was a huge factor in getting my sense of agency back.

If I can force myself through that first thing in the morning I can force myself to walk right past the beer aisle, it’s easy by comparison.”

12. Hydration.

“Preparing the coffee maker, drinking lots of water before bed, and leaving a full bottle of water on my nightstand before crawling into bed.

Having to pee really bad in the morning helps me to actually get out of bed. Then I start the coffee with a single push of a button and drink the bottle of water while I wait for the coffee to perk.

Making hydration my first priority in the morning really helps me wake up and get ready for the day. I also try to drink a gallon of water throughout the day because it improves my mood and helps maintain my energy levels.”

13. Good idea.

“Doing 1 (ONE… Yes, only 1) push up every day.

No matter how tired, no matter how lazy, or unwilling I was feeling. It’s really not hard to bring yourself to do only one. Some days I’d do 5, some days I’d do 25, but never 0…always at least 1.

And that is infinitely better than 0.”

14. All good stuff.

“There are a few:

Putting my alarm on the opposite side of my bed so I need to get up to turn it off.

Always leave my room with full hands. (e.g. something that needs to go into the dishwasher)

Ending showers at cold water.

Drinking enough water (1,5 – 3,5 liter for me) over the day.

Not drinking or eating things that include a lot of sugar.”

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