Well, you don’t see that every day!

Have you ever caught yourself saying that before when something totally unpredictable or maybe even downright weird happened?

I’m pretty sure that most of us have…so these stories will be a lot of fun!

AskReddit users talked about things that made them say, “you don’t see that every day!”

1. Doesn’t sound like a good idea.

“When we saw a pickup truck pull a boat down a city street…without a trailer.

Lots of sparks, though. I still wonder about that.”

2. Classy!

“I saw a wedding being held in a parking lot.

Instead of rings they had gold spike bracelets and the bride had a YOLO tramp stamp gleaming above her jean shorts.”

3. Pizza wars.

“Our tiny kitten had stolen a slice of pepperoni pizza and was hissing and snarling and fighting off two adult dogs and an adult cat.

Nobody was getting that slice of pizza from him.”

4. A rough night.

“Riding Septa out of center city (Philly) New Year’s Eve, I watched a wasted college age dude board the train with a gigantic bottle of champagne and then repeatedly puke into it.

Not sure if there was champagne still in it but the bottle was like 2 feet tall. There must have been like 3 gallons of champagne in that thing.”

5. What is that?

“I’m a radiologist.

One day, I pull up a scan of a person who had abdominal pain. Specifically, they had felt “tension”, then a distinct “popping”sensation with sharp pain, then a vague but moderately severe ache that persisted.

So I’m looking for the usual suspects in this sort of presentation – appendicitis, diverticulitis, maybe epiploic appendagitis or inflammatory bowel disease.

Found a foreign body in small bowel – looked odd on single slices, so I reformatted the image set in 3D: Found a bread clip.

Interestingly, I found another one about 6 years later. My 2 cases constitute about 5% of all cases ever reported.”

6. Exciting!

“A hot air balloon landed on my street, two houses away from mine.

That was a couple of years ago now, but it was certainly interesting.”

7. Epic battle.

“Watched a horse k**l a rattlesnake once.

Alternated between stomping it with hooves and picking it up to whip it around with it’s mouth.”

8. What’s going on here?

“This literally happened today.

My husband and I were at stop sign and guy comes out of nowhere on a bicycle, holding a weed whacker and there was a huge rabbit in the hood of his coat.”

9. No pants, no problem.

“A grown man wearing a shirt, socks and shoes and an adult diaper (no pants) carefully looking through each aisle at the grocery store.”

10. Hmmm…

“A barefoot backpacker in nothing but shorts, playing a Saxophone while walking through a busy parking lot.”

11. You’re lucky!

“Tire flying off the truck in front of you, aiming in your direction.

Hits a small pot hole bounces high misses you entirely.

Thank goodness, must of had a horseshoe up my a** that day!”

12. Working security.

“I work security on the side. I feel like I could give you a different answer every so often.

Watched a guy the other day going through boxes of men’s shoes and sniffing them, looking for ones with a foot scent. When he found them, he’d get a little fidgety. Went to the back of the department with a few boxes and was looking around heavily.

But there was a family and a bunch of kids around, and he left abruptly. No joke, the way he was acting and how he was positioning things… he was about to f**k a pair of Nikes. It was some wild s**t.

Watched a guy bust out of the store one time with about $1,300 in clothes and right into the side of his getaway vehicle, which then ran him the f**k over. Not ashamed to say I laughed my a** off (he lived).

I’ve seen some s**t.”

How about you?

Have you ever seen any weird stories that made you react this way?

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