People Talk About Their Favorite Memories From Going to School

I guess we all tend to look at the past through rose-colored glasses…at least a little bit.

When I look back on my school days, especially high school, it seems like it was all fun and games and having a blast with my friends.

But I know that, in reality, certain days were really difficult and I was pretty unhappy for stretches of time.

But I have a lot of wonderful memories from those years, too.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about their favorite memorial from when they went to school.

1. Sounds fun!

“My 3rd grade class had a “reading loft”.

It was a pretty good sized “fort” (probably taking up 1/3 of the classroom) covered in carpet and had lots of cool places to hang out if you wanted to read.

The teacher incentivized us to finish work early so we could grab a book and head to the “reading loft” so we didn’t have to hang out at our desks being bored.”

2. A nice gesture from Dad.

“I got bullied a lot in middle school.

One day in math I’d just been overwhelmed and couldn’t take anymore so I called my dad and begged him to pick me up. He told me I’d be alright and just ignore it.

20 minutes later I got called to the office for check out and he took me to get my favorite food and spent the afternoon in the park with me. RIP old man, that was one of the best days of my entire life.”

3. Field trip.

“In third grade, it was some reading appreciation week, and we decided as a class to visit a cemetery.

Granted it’s a pretty famous cemetery with a couple of really important people buried there, and we had a scavenger hunt to find them. Along with like the oldest grave we could find, the biggest, and we had to make a rubbing of one of our choosing.

As a strange child, it was the best field trip I had ever been on.”

4. New BFF.

“When I was in second grade, I got bullied because my whole family was deaf.

One kid kept picking on me everyday. Well one day he came up to me and started screaming, saying can your mom hear me, and this tall girl stepped in and punched him in the face.

She got suspended, but no one ever made fun of me again. We became best friends after that.”

5. Look out!

“Every morning my teacher will ask us questions about history if we get it right he would give us a snicker bar.

But this the funny part, he would throw the snickers bar at us real hard. So if get the question right you would had to dodge the fast moving snickers.”

6. Who’s the biggest fan?

“I was a terrible student and a huge baseball fan growing up. In 6th grade I had an English teacher who knew I wasn’t dumb, just hard to motivate.

She privately offered me an extra credit assignment, all I had to do was write a 2 page essay on any topic I liked at all explaining why I liked it so much. I straight up turned down her offer, being content with my C- grade.

So she flipped it around on me and publicly told another guy in my class that since HE was the biggest Red Sox fan in the class, he should write a 2 page essay about the Red Sox and present it to the class.

I practically jumped out of my seat and said I was a way bigger Red Sox fan than Mike and I should be the one writing that essay. She let us both write one. She was a really good teacher”

7. Now THAT’S a good memory.

“Skipping out on a Monday to drive to the city 5 hours away to see Iron Maiden in concert in December 1984!”

8. The good old days.

“The record for most milk cartons drank before throwing up was 26 by the time I graduated.

They started suspending anyone who tried to break the record because they were cleaning up milk puke so often.”

9. Epic!

“Nickelodeon took over my school when I was in the 2nd grade. All the Nickelodeon celebrities were there.

Mr. Wizard did cool science experiments, Barth did gross stuff with food, Marc Summers had the Super Sloppy Double Dare obstacle course we could go through and teachers got slimed and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles put on a concert.

It was literally a dream come true. And then at the end we all got free backpacks filled with Nickelodeon swag. I still think about that day.”

10. Keeping the kids interested.

“Listening to my middle school history teacher give her lectures.

In her heart of hearts she was a storyteller and always knew how to keep me captivated.”

11. A nice reminder.

“On my first day of school, my mom sent little Debbie pumpkin smiley faces in my lunch.

Fast forward a couple of years, and due to my dads dangerous mental state, I had been in long term physical rehab, recovering from a gunshot, and living in a group home for about 6 months before my uncle got custody of me, halfway across the country.

There I was, in a different state, with different weather, at a new school where I didn’t know anybody, and I open my lunchbox, and there’s my pumpkin snack cakes.”

12. Going back in time.

“My 5th grade teacher brought in an actual 1700s musket to show us during the Revolutionary War unit.

I’ll never forget that honestly. Especially considering that would NEVER fly in schools today.”

13. Congrats!

“My last day of high school, actually. It was our graduation ceremony. The school made me sit with a bunch of kids I don’t know. Others were allowed to sit with whoever they want. The school didn’t tell us anything, just made us sit there.

Apparently my stupid *ss got the highest standardized exam grade in a subject and I was sat there because those kids got the highest grades too, in other subjects. I honestly did not see that coming at all, but I was so happy and proud of myself.”

14. Nap time!

“When I was on 8th grade a Friday at 6:40am we were at Biology class, all of us including the teacher were still sleepy, one of my classmates fell asleep and the teacher said: “I know all of you still sleepy, like yesterday everyone of you did a good work I will let you sleep half of the class”.

He also fell asleep, but he forgot to wake us up until the bell rang. Biology class lasts two hours.”

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