People Talk About What the Tumultuous Year of 2020 Has Taught Them

What else is gonna possibly happen in 2020?

Actually, I don’t even want to say that out loud because if we’ve learned one thing this year, it’s to expect the unexpected…and that’s a pretty scary thought, considering all the things we’ve gone through so far since January 1.

We’ve all learned a lot about ourselves this year, every single one of us.

What has this year taught you?

Here’s what people had to say on AskReddit.

1. Not so much.

“That I’m nowhere as much of a loner as I thought I was.

I may not be the most sociable person of the universe, but spending months holed up in my room with basically no IRL human contact got old fast.”

2. This is huge.

“Not to take travel for granted.

I am trying to learn French as something to keep distracted with, and to feel like I am doing something which will pay off when traveling in the future, but would give anything for a worry-free week abroad right now.

Getting very sick of the inside of my flat.”

3. All of it.

“That there are so many horrible people in the world, oblivious to everything around them and only concerned with themselves.

And also that there are so many kind and loving people in the world that are willing to help anyone.”

4. Hugs.

“Hug your spouse more.

Man on man woman on woman man on woman whatever hug those who are there for you. Wife’s an ER nurse I’m a firefighter working through covid non sense. The forced quarantine after contact with a positive pt has ripped us apart.

It’s hard to cope when your coping mechanism is behind glass out of reach. Hug your peeps.”

5. Keep your fingers crossed.

“That people will genuinely believe bad events will end just because the year is over.

Its overwhelming how many times I hear things like: “omg I cant wait for 2021, everything will be a fresh start” or “2020 can just leave”

Like, what do you really expect? All issues reset every January the 1st? Wtf.”

6. Keep your head up.

“That I can be a lot stronger and confident than I give myself credit for…

Gotta look for the positives, right?!”

7. Not prepared at all.

“That the United States is really REALLY not prepared for real sh*t to happen.

Most of the world is not.

We are held together by threads of a stretched out cloth ready to tear.”

8. Even worse now.

“The rich get richer while the poor get poorer.

It’s already bad enough under normal circumstances but in global crisis situations this applies even more.”

9. The process of weeding out.

“It showed me who my real friends are.

And some stuff about how stupid some people are, even if it is to protect the people who are at risk due to coronavirus.”

10. That is very true!

“People don’t know what Socialism really means.”

11. Hard knock life.

“That life is tragic, cruel, and absurd, to the point where it can completely break you.

But also that no matter how bad it all gets, there is genuine peace and comfort in real, platonic love and my friends are the light of my life. We have each other’s backs and we adore each other.

So in a way, despite having lost nearly everything, I am incredibly lucky. I’m never really alone.”

12. Sad.

“A common hardship won’t bring people together, like in Independence Day or Watchmen.

Rather, it’ll drive them to care only about their own interests.”

13. Big money.

“That big corporations that say they care about their customers don’t give a sh*t. All they care about is money.

When small businesses went bankrupt during the pandemic the big corporations amassed billions in wealth.”

14. Not much different.

“That my family would be fine on a confined spaceship traveling to Mars or somewhere else distant.

The lockdown has had little effect on us.”

15. Here’s the deal.

“Life is short.

There are too many things in this world that are out of your control that can punch you in the guts. So live your life, enjoy your family and friends, enjoy good food, focus on what’s important.

Save for the future but not at the expense of living a meaningful and rewarding life now. Money is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Also, on the flip side from a cynical point of view, this past year has reaffirmed that the world is full of stupid people.

Opinions do not override scientific facts and the anti science agenda of those in power today takes advantage of the uneducated and those who give into fear mongering too easily.”

Now it’s your turn.

In the comments, tell us what this crazy year has taught YOU.

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