People Talk About What Their Dogs and Cats Have Conditioned Them to Do

Who’s in charge here?

It’s supposed to be the humans, right?

Well, maybe you won’t think that’s necessarily the case after you read through these responses…because it seems like our pets have been training us all these years, after all.

Believe it or not, our dogs and cats condition us to do things just like we condition them.

Let’s take a look at the evidence!

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Do it NOW!

“Change the water in her bowl.

It can be all the way to the top and she’ll stand there staring at it until I take the bowl, dump it, and refill it with fresh water.”

2. Be very quiet.

“I open the tinfoil as quietly as possible.

My cat loves tin foil balls, and whenever he hears it he runs over and looks at it longingly (despite him having at least 24 tin foil balls already).

You can’t call him with a treat bag or tin, he only comes for the foil.”

3. Go get it!

“Check the mail every day…he’s so excited to walk to the mailbox with me it reminds me to actually do it.”

4. Let’s share.

“Before I run in the morning I usually eat a banana.

Ever since we got my sweet dog, I scarf down about two thirds of my banana and he gets the last part.

It’s become our little thing, an unspoken agreement.”

5. It must be done.

“Weaving his name into any song I can for no reason whatsoever.

Also, I was riding around with my dog the other day and motley crue’s ‘girl girls girls’ came on the radio but he likes it better if I sing it as ‘squirrels squirrels squirrels’.”

6. Good energy.

“Calm down when I start to lose my temper or get frustrated.

Whenever he hears me sigh or swear, he runs to me, rests his chin on my arm or leg and looks up at me with concern. This has made me so aware of how my energy can impact those around me and I have really gotten my anger under control since he started doing this.

He’s one of the goodest boys and I am grateful for him every day.”

7. Pick me up.

“My girlfriend’s older cat makes me pick her up to drink running tap water from her bathroom sink.

I also gotta pick her up to get on the dryer to eat, even though she can easily make the jump.”

8. Fetch!

“I have a cat that plays fetch, very insistently.

She brings me her toy mouse, and if I don’t throw it for her, she sits on my laptop keyboard.

Of course this all started when I would throw the mouse to keep her from sitting on my laptop.”

9. This is awesome.

“My mother’s dog tells her when it’s time for her evening meal. As in my mother’s evening meal. The dog knows she eats after my mother, so when she starts to get peckish she goes and bugs her to start cooking.

When I go back to visit, we’ll be sitting chatting and the dog will sidle in and become A Presence In The Room for maybe 30 seconds until my mother casually looks at her watch and says “I suppose we better think about eating”. She’s completely unaware of what triggers her decision.”

10. I hope you’re hungry.

“Yell “floor food!” whenever I’m cooking and I drop something.

Or go “cronch cronch cronch” when I’m chopping veggies, so my dog knows I have extras for her.”

11. Shuffle your feet.

“Shuffle my feet instead of walking when it’s dark so I don’t step on my small, black cat.”

12. Come on in!

“When I get up to go to the bathroom I stand in the door and wait for my elderly cat to come in before I close the door. He likes to keep me company.

If he doesnt come in right away I’ll call for him and if still nothing I’ll start walking around the house looking for him.”

13. Different barks.

“One of my dogs has several barks: a play bark and a squirrel bark and other dog things that are normal dog barks.

He also had what we call his “emergency bark”. The emergency bark is what he does when he thinks there is serious danger. It is EXTREMELY loud and makes us jump every time. He usually reserves it for things like the time I fell down the stairs and he scream barked for my husband to help, or when someone is in our front yard, or when he cornered a possum in the backyard.

However, since my husband started working from home this dog barks his emergency bark at my husband if he tries working past 4pm. My husband now has learned to stop working at about 3:50 every day to avoid that jarring sound.”

Has this happened to you with your dogs or cats (or maybe your other pets)?

If so, please tell us all about it in the comments.

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