People Talk About What They’d Treat Themselves to Regularly if Money Was No Object

The possibilities are endless!

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What would you treat yourself to regularly if money was no object?

Take a look at what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

I’m with you.

“A private chef.

I love to eat, but I h**e cooking.”

I’ll take it!

“A chaffeur.

A chauffeur usually isn’t just the driver, these days–they run errands that are primarily about driving.

Sure, you might not ask them to go to the store and shop for your groceries, but you might have them be there to pick them up using the curbside delivery.

A person’s most valuable asset is their time, and the single largest category of “wasted time” is driving for most people.”

The truth.

“If I had someone to clean my house, cook my food, and handle all my appointments I’d be so happy.

Turns out I had that person, for 24 years, and never appreciated it until I moved out.

Thanks mom.”

Sounds nice.

“I’d buy a house…so tired of how I’m treated as renter but I mean…I CAN’T buy so I don’t get to choose my own paint or have pets or whatever other rules that come up with.

THEN your rent is twice what the mortgage would be if you owned.

Less ownership MORE restrictions. Blows.”

Time to get well.

“Healthcare with no hoops would be amazing.

Back pain? Go see the doctor. Teeth pain? See the dentist.

Sure the treatment could be to take a tylenol or to just rest, but the peace of mind that I am ok is amazing.”

Go back home.


I don’t have the money to regularly fly places, and wish to be able to fly home and see my family for the first time in 2 years.”

Back to school.

“College degrees.

If I had no resource constraints, I would just get as many bachelor’s degrees as I could, maybe the occasional masters.

I loved college so much. I love learning new things from smart people.”

Needing some relief.

“A massage.

Currently laying on a $4 lacrosse ball I picked up from Aldi. Can’t afford a massage.

This is the closest thing I can find. It does work amazing, but nowhere near the same experience.”

Get in shape!

“A personal trainer.

I have autism and struggle with mobility (I couldn’t walk until I was 3), so exercise is a huge struggle for me, even though I enjoy it.

I’ve wanted to take up boxing for quite a while now but the specialist PTs for disabled people at my university are so expensive, not to mention the cost of a gym membership, so for now, all I can do is take my boyfriend’s advice on home workouts.”

The good stuff.

“Only shopping at places like Whole Foods.

I shop at Health food stores a lot but I don’t think many people realize how expensive it is to buy ALL of your groceries at places like Whole Foods and local farmers markets.

The quality of food is so superior to even most restaurants. If you can afford a several hundred dollar grocery bill every week.”


“Bikes, I want a lot of bikes for all my friends.

I would regularly try a new bike and give it to one of my friends, after each one gets a bike I’m spreading the ones that come after across locations where we regularly visit, no more “I wish my bike can fit in the car when we visit my parrents” or ” this place is so beautyfull, a bike ride would be amazing” , no, we would have good bikes everywhere we go.”

Crazy about cars.

“Cars, a few hundreds of cars.

I want them starting from the craziest offroad builds, to the most economical car to drive around, park ,etc.”

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