What Secret Would Ruin Your Life if It Got Out? Here’s What People Said.

What’s your deepest, darkest secret?

Something that could potentially ruin your life if it got out?

While you ponder that big question, check out what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

Buckle up!

1. Keeping it quiet.

“I’m not very open with people about my mental health issues.

I had something of a paranoid episode about a year and a half ago which couldn’t really be kept to myself, but pretty soon after I fell out of contact with all of the people who saw me like that, as well as anyone who might have been told about it second hand.

I still don’t know how I left things with that group of people honestly, it was a bit of a haze from my point of view. All I know is that I haven’t reached out to them, no.”

2. Don’t let it get out.

“I’ve been making 3D NSFW content for years and during peak pandemic it became my main income.

Now it’s both my wife’s and my full time job.

Proud of the work, but it would ruin our relationships to family and friends if it got out.”

3. Classy!

“Me and my wife make p**n and watch it together.

Then make more p**n.”

4. Tell no one.

“I have schizoaffective disorder.

Most people do not know outside of a few close friends. I don’t tell people because they will use it as a reason to invalidate me. Even when I’ve opened up on here outside of the SZA sub, people have tried to infantilize me or have offensively tried to tell me what’s best for me or school me about my disorder as though I am not living with it or as if I am not a functioning adult.

The world likes to pretend it’s becoming all woke about mental health, but it’s not. So I don’t tell people. If I were open about it, I think it would prevent me from getting jobs or making friends, and I think it would make people suddenly view me as incapable.

As though they know best. Because people are f**king stupid. And watch things like “A Beautiful Mind” and suddenly believe they know everything.”

5. Oops.

“Had familiar relations with my friend’s sister.

Not that it’s anyone’s business what I do with my private life, but if that got out I think people would look down on that.”

6. Holy s**t.

“An accidental deposit of $2,522,052.93 in my ATM to be exact.

Didn’t know where it came from. I’ll never forget that day I was on my way to work.

That was 8 years ago and up to now I still have over $1M.”

7. The cheater.

“I know my husband cheated on me during the pandemic.

For some context, we were actually stuck apart for almost 2 years with covid, and at the same time I was also waiting for my green card which meant I couldn’t visit him.

He overcame to visit me once during this 2 years and I saw he had a dating app on his phone. I checked the messages and there one lady on there, and it was obvious from the messages that they had met up for s**. It looked like it was only once and there wasn’t a whole lot of messages.

I never confronted him about it and I don’t really want to. Since I’ve been in the states nothing else has gone on, and he’s super attentive and loving and no dating apps on his phone or computer.

I feel that if I told him I know, or told any friends or family they would push for me to leave him or think I was an idiot if I didn’t. We have a baby boy now and I would never want to disrupt his family life over something which I perceive to be a one night stand that didn’t mean anything.”

8. On the downlow.

“I’m a young gay atheist living in a Christian household…basically all I’d have to do is be myself around my family to ruin my life.”

9. Thief!

“I got caught shoplifting and store security made me call my parents to ask them to come pick me up.

I called my older brother’s number and said, “Hi Dad, I’m in trouble, can you come pick me up. He caught on, came to pick me up, acted like a tough, upset father and marched me outta the store, where he said quit stealing s**t.”

10. Lucky.

“I most definitely should really be in prison.

Through a series of luck outs I’ve luckily never been convicted despite I was always quite honest with police about what I’ve done. I most certainly deserve a criminal record. I’ve only ever been charged once and was just given a caution for ABH.

Though I’ve been arrested and at times released under investigation on bail for being under suspicion of various crimes such as kidnap, arson, GBH and assault with a weapon, and threat to k**l.

I remember being told when I was 19 I could be looking towards at least 15 years for kidnap, a**ault with a weapon, and arson. Though the person refused to press charges and failed to provide a statement and the arson was supposedly minor enough on its own given it was to my own property that ultimately I wasn’t charged.

Since then I’ve realised I was incredibly lucky. I’ve moved to a completely different part of the country to be a better person. Now I spend a lot of time pondering how to be a good person. I can safely say I’m a much better person now. I’ve also since become a student and am planning on building a career now, being a much more productive member of society.”

11. It was you!

“At my last job, we had “the c**k phantom”, who drew p**ises in random places.

It was me, and I stopped when someone left, so now every thought it was him.”

12. Wow!

“When I was in my 20s I drove cross-country in a RV just for fun. I would just drive and go town to town eating food and checking out cool stores and places, it was a fun way to spend a summer.

Well one town I did something stupid and got arrested. Stole something worth a lot of money. I was cuffed and jammed in the back of a cop car. On my way to wherever it is they take you the cop got called to something urgent and diverted.

He left me locked in the back of the car (with the AC on, what a guy) and went into a business. I tested the door handle for kicks and it wasn’t locked. I just left. I got out of the car and ran a couple streets over to my RV. I got into it and managed to pull one of my hands through the cuffs.

Started it up and drove out of town. I never gave them my name and luckily I had left my wallet and cell phone in my RV. They recovered the thing I stole but had no way to identify me. Never heard anything else about it. This was like 15 years ago.”

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