13 People Share What They Think Is Normal to Have One Of…but Concerning to Have One More Than One

Why do you have 18 samurai swords in your house, sir…?

Have you ever said that to someone before?

I sure hope not!

But you can see how that would be cause for concern, right?

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they think it’s normal to have one of but WEIRD to have more than one…

Let’s take a look!

1. Go ahead and ask her…

“Ask my wife and her army of Mini waffle makers.

One of each color!”

2. A whole collection of ’em.

“My Mom would buy a weedeater (string trimmer) whenever one would run out of line.

She’s older and lives a distance away from me.

I got her a lawn service and donated her collection of them.”

3. Wow.

“My aunt buys a new car every time she seizes the engine in her current one by never getting oil changes.”

4. Hmmm…

“Driver’s license.

Having one in your wallet is fine, having a hundred in a shoe box in your attic is apparently kinda creepy.”

5. Come on!

“D**k-shaped water bottle.

The first one is acceptable because you get it from your cousin on your 30th birthday.

More than that is the start of a collection that gets carried away and occupies more storage space than originally planned for.”

6. Stay away from this person.

“Meat grinders.

One? Okay you cook, cool. More than one?

Why?? How much meat are you grinding? Why two???!?!”

7. Okay…

“A very large oil painting of yourself riding a horse into battle with a very opulent frame.

People would walk in and see it and go wow that’s pretty cool, but if you have multiple of you in different poses maybe some nude ones it becomes very concerning.”

8. That’s fishy.

“A copy of Mein Kampf.

Maybe not perfectly normal to have one but I know a lot of normal people read it to learn about the way Hitler thought.

But the moment I’d go into a house and see two copies ? That’s a no no from me.”

9. Bummer.

“Livers. I donate one liver and I’m a hero.

I donate six livers, and suddenly the doctors are asking uncomfortable questions such as “who’s livers are those” and “where are the owners of these livers”

Ungrateful b**tards.”

10. Over the top.

“American flags on your car.

Except for the president. He can have 4 max.”

11. You bet.

“A wand.

Only one wand per witch/wizard unless you win it from an opponent.”

12. Protect your head.


One sucks and sets you back a bit, two within a short period of time can leave you paralyzed.”

13. Having one is kinda weird…

“Tanning beds in a private home. I was just listening to the Loomis robbery episode of The Dollop.

It was an inside job robbery of $17 million by a group of morons. They’re discussing some of the things that were purchased, including 3 tanning beds.

The hosts argue over whether it’s significantly crazier to own 3 vs 2. “Three is bananas!””

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