13 People Share the Best Examples That Prove Society Is Going Downhill

The world is going to HELL in a handbasket!

I haven’t heard that saying in quite a while…but is it true?

These AskReddit users sure think so!

Check out what they had to say about why they think society is going down the tubes.

1. Insane.

“When I lost 3 of my closest family members to a d**nk driver accident, and I couldn’t get time off work to plan and go to their funeral because, “ you need to find coverage and if nobody will cover for you… you have to come in!”

Yeah, none of my coworkers wanted to cover my shift. This happened very recently also.”

2. Not good.

“I think about my friends, family, and colleagues, and I cannot name a single person who does not have a malady or six.

Depression, anxiety, stomach ulcers, heart issues, etc.”

3. Awful.

“How people with illnesses have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to survive. I swear its so messed up.

“Oop you don’t have enough money for a heart transplant that will save your life?…well not our problem, say goodbye to your family”. Like if you don’t have money, they will let you die. Literally. And then they’ll be like “theres nothing we can do about it, sorry”

YES, YES THERE IS. This is someone’s life and you’re gonna let them d** because they don’t have enough money? It really shows you how people don’t care about others people lives.”

4. Bleak future.

“Stagnation of wages since the 1980s combined with increased cost of living in the 400% mark in key areas such as rent and food.

Future’s pretty bleak.”

5. Going downhill.

“Rich get richer.

And the other 99% can live on the street and starve.

Especially once the AI robots are built and the rich don’t need “the help” anymore.”

6. Might be right.

“2/3 of wealth created throughout COVID went to the top 1%.

Income inequality is going to be the downfall of civilization eventually.”

7. Infuriating.

“People mindlessly believing propoganda that is easily disproven by a ten-second Google search.”

8. No regard.

“Corporations are on a never ending quest to maximize profits without any regard to the planet or its inhabitants.

And they’re going to keep getting better at it.”

9. That’s depressing.

“I saw a 3 star Yelp review for one of those little free libraries that people put in their front yards.

‘Needs a better selection.’”

10. Collapse.

“If ocean ecosystems are no longer able to sustain consistently harvesting large fish, that shows deep problems that cannot be covered up.

Couple that with the cost of the most poor, staple foods increasing while wages stagnate, and you have a perfect recipe for socetial collapse.”

11. A bad time.

“When I saw how everyone reacted to the Covid 19 outbreak.

Turning health issues into political ones. That basically cinched it.”

12. The world has gone crazy.

“That we are brow-beaten into actively participating in the delusions of crazy people instead of being free to ignore them.”

13. Terrible.

“Some kid at my school got b**lied into s**cide because of a haircut.

I didn’t know him that well but from what I’ve heard, he used to be very popular with girls because of his good looks (mainly hair). One day he showed up to school with a buzz cut. The same girls that were all over him not too long ago started making fun of him everyday for it. Even his girlfriend left him because of his haircut, everyone ignored him just because of it.

Eventually I noticed that he hasn’t been going to school so out of curiosity I asked around and found out that he had committed s**cide. Apparently those girls started to bully him and send him d**th threats over social media, while he didn’t even do anything. The b**lying got so far that the poor boy just couldn’t take it anymore.

This happened a year ago and people still mention it from time to time. What’s even worse is that those girls never even got punished for it. The police thought he was simply just depressed and that drove him to do it, there was ‘no evidence’ that the girls b**lied him. After that incident I’ve honestly lost all hope in society.”

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