People Talk About When They Decided to Stop Being Good to Experience What Being Bad Felt Like

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Get on with your bad self!

Have you ever said that to yourself when you just feel like you need to break free and do something bad because you’ve been good for SO DAMN LONG?

I know I have!

And so have these folks on AskReddit who shared their stories.


“My elderly Mother-in-law made a little wreath to put on the door of her apartment. A couple of days later some asshole completely destroyed it. She was really sad about it.

We put it back together and fixed it. I added lots of pointy needles. I put it back on the door.

She told me that she heard some swearing at 6:30 in the morning. It was one of her neighbor.”

2. Evil sister.

“My sister is kind of evil, and one day she was really being abusive to our mom. Screaming and yelling and insulting our mother to the point of lunacy. Mom began to tear up a bit, and I didn’t really like that.

Then my sister says “oh wow, you’re crying?”

I had a cup of coffee in my hand, and I instinctively poured it over her head. Suddenly, I was the bad guy, which was fine, because I don’t really care what someone says while they’re covered in coffee anyways.

Waste of good coffee.”

3. Suck it.

“Worked at Target when I was in my late teens (I’m 31 now) and thought I was doing as good of a job as I could be.

When it came time for the yearly review, they told me I was “consistently inconsistent” and gave me a 6 cent raise. I was pissed but at the time was too afraid to speak up for myself. Barely a month later, I was doing the same quality of work as before and was named employee of the month.

So it’s ok to tell me I suck in order to justify an insulting raise but then make me employee of the month? Two weeks later I found a new job and instead of giving them two weeks notice, I called in before one of my shifts and said I’m never coming back.

Suck it, Target.”

4. Caught in the middle.

“Divorced parents, they did the usual “your mom/dad is the bad One and a liar” thing.

I was about 15-16 and they both sent me to court to testify against one another (they both though i was on their side). Jokes on them I told the judge they both sucked.

My dad told me after that i was not a part of the family anymore, so i said “fuck you” and told the judge to remove my weekends with him. 22 years old now, he is trying to make up for it, not sure i can go back but lets see.

I was a super quiet kid, by the way.”

5. That felt good!

“I threw a girls phone, who bullied my friend, out of a ferris-wheel after she asked me to hold it to take a selfie (my arms are long).

She said my friend couldn’t be in it because she was ugly. It felt really good.”

6. Showed him!

“Someone smashed the pumpkin I had on my front porch for Halloween. I was so mad that night I took an old purse and shit in it.

I then put it on the same step my pumpkin was, then hid in my room and watched out the window. I don’t know if it was the same kid that smashed my pumpkin that later tried to steal the purse but the happiness I took from that moment of a kid reaching his hand in the purse while he was walking away to steal the money more than made up for the anger of a smashed pumpkin.”

7. Doh!

“Perfect attendance from kindergarten all the way to senior year in high school, until a girl asked me to ditch one hour with her.

Suffice to say, that cost me an award.”

8. Bad roommate.

“Didn’t get along with an old roommate because she moved her boyfriend and dog in. She was generally very messy.

He didn’t pay rent and her dog was a liquid shit machine. Her dog ruined my lovesac and soaked it with piss and shit. I asked her to repay me for it and have her boyfriend leave and instead of repaying me she stole items I kept in all common rooms to spite me.

Snitched to my landlord and got her evicted. Also pissed in her shampoo bottle.”

9. Jackpot!

“I was a teen and found $1000 in an ATM.

This was one of those ATMs that had a place where the money would drop to. This was the early 90s – I don’t think they just drop it anymore – they all retract back into the machine if you don’t take it. But during this time, that technology didn’t exist.

I went to the bank to return the money. I was sick of this bank (I was an American expat in Singapore who needed a bank account, long boring story, but wanted to explain why a teen hated a bank). Anyway, I had to always wait in line, never enough tellers, people were pretty rude, etc. This bank sucked.

After waiting for 15 minutes, with one teller and the line still 10 deep, I said to myself, “Fuck it, I came to return this money, I tried to be honest, but they are making it impossible for me.”

I went and bought a stereo. It was alright.”

10. My time.

“I’ve followed the rules 100% that were laid out by my parents until I hit 18 and wanted to hang out with a group of friends.

Thing is there needs to be adult supervision at all times when I go over to a friend’s house. I got fed up, some of these people I’ve known for four years, and went anyway even though the hosting party’s parents were not home.

And nothing bad happened; all we did was play dungeons and dragons for five hours.”

11. Thief!

“I was in the grocery store two weeks ago and did something bad. I go to a place with top-quality beef, and I buy boneless ribeyes that cost $21.99lb on a regular basis.

For some reason on my last trip, there were two packages (4 steaks total) that were marked as pork chops for $6.99. I dropped them both in my cart and went on my way.”

12. The outsider.

“I was the outsider in elementary school for a lot of reasons. The last day of 8th grade I said fuck it, grabbed the bully who’d lead the little group of dickheads who’d made my life rough and tipped him head first into a trash can.

One of those that didn’t get emptied regularly.

No one believed him when he ran to the office.”

13. No regrets.

“I used to work in retail.

One night a customer asked me when a jacket would be discounted. I told her that I couldn’t say for sure because we weren’t told when certain items would be reduced in price. She called me a dumb bitch and an idiot and asked me to put it on hold for 24 hours in case it got discounted over night .

I think it’s also worth noting that she claimed to be an Instagram Influencer with over 5000 followers and she said she lose “deals” if she didn’t get the jacket. Also she was racist toward the stores security guard, who happens to be one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

I put the jacket aside for her but not before doing a system search and finding out that there were only three left in this size in the entire country (as you may have guessed from my username In live in New Zealand, so not a particularly big country).

Fast forward 24 hours and she hasn’t come to pick up the jacket. I was feeling extra petty and had had a particularly bad day the day before so exactly 24 hours after I put it aside for her I decided to buy it.

I browsed around the store for a while before going to pay, and of course Karen was up there at the checkouts. If she had been ranting at my colleague about the jacket I would have given it to her to save another from the wrath of Karen but she was going on about the car park and appeared to have forgotten about the jacket.

Once I got to the car I went online and bought the other jacket before driving to the other side of town and buying the third and last one in the country (it was near the end of the season so chances are there weren’t going to be any more).

The whole thing cost more money than I would’ve liked, but I stopped a Karen from getting her way for once so I don’t regret it.”

14. I’ll take the day off.

“After 2 years of working somewhere and getting treated like shit, I didn’t get a permanent contract and called in sick on my last day, because I hated that job.

I had only called in sick once before for one day. After that they still said I had to come to work, so I just said sure I’ll come and just didn’t show up.

That day off felt really good.”

Now it’s your turn!

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