People Talk About When They Were Told Horrific Stories Very Casually

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About a year ago, I was taking an Uber to a friend’s house for a birthday party and making small talk with the driver.

Over the course of about 12 minutes, he somehow got around to telling me that he recently got out of prison…for murder.

He told me he killed the guy (his sister’s husband) because he had been abusing his sister and beating her up and he finally had enough of it.

Hey, who am I to judge? The guy obviously felt comfortable enough with me to tell me his story…

But it was kind of a startling thing to bring up to an Uber passenger.

My point is that sometimes total strangers or even people you may know tell you very disturbing things in a pretty casual manner…and that can be a little disturbing…

Here are some very interesting stories from AskReddit users.

1. Thanks for the info.

“Bus driver was like “Sorry the bus was late guys, the traffic was caused by someone who committed suicide by walking into traffic. (Looks at one of the passengers getting off the bus) You remember the blood skid marks right?”

All of us, who were waiting at the bus station, were like “um wtf”. Guy said it like he sees it every day or something.”

2. Oh…

“I was on a date with this girl and we drove by a fast food joint and a shared parking lot.

She said: my mom used to park here and shoot heroin with her bf while me and my brother sat in the backseat.

Me: oh, wow..

Her: I was a heroin baby, my mom was using while she was pregnant

Me: oh.”


“I called my cousin and at the beginning of the convo I asked what she was doing, she said: “oh just standing at the counter looking at my hand.”

I thought it was a little weird but my cousin is a little weird so I forgot about it, anyway half-an-hour later she goes “the blood has now stained my shirt I think I should hang up and go to the ER.”

I was like “WHAT?” so she replied, “oh I stabbed myself with the meat cleaver 10 minutes before you called and the knife is still in my hand, I’m fine but my shirt is now ruined.””

4. This one time…

“Over drinks, a relative told me about killing man who was attempting to rape him in the back of a truck.”

5. Terrifying.

“A couple of years ago I was on one of those music festival cruises. I was sitting down waiting on my friends to finish their drinks and what not when this lady sits down next to me.

Somehow we get to talking about dogs. I tell her about mine, she tells me that hers is a comfort dog. I didn’t ask her to elaborate because it wasn’t any of my business, but she tells me it’s because she didn’t leave her house for five years. Again, I didn’t ask why.

She went on to tell me, a perfect stranger who’d been talking to her for all of 5 minutes, that her ex boyfriend was stalking her and broke into her house so she had to shoot him and kill him.”

6. Ugh…awful.

“Lawyer here.

I was representing a teenaged boy charged with molesting a younger relative.

His mother told me, “what’s the big deal? I was molested as a kid and it didn’t hurt me.””

7. Psycho.

“That he was going to prison for burning down a church. I had seen this guy about 10 times since the supposed accident. We were all hanging out and he said “guess what?” and that was that.

This happened in south Texas, for anyone wondering.

And I’ll add that he tried to gouge his girlfriends eyes out, burned down her house and killed her two dogs. This guy had never raised his voice once. This was seriously out of left field.”

8. I’m being castrated!

“When I was twenty something back in the 90s I was sitting on the front steps of my condo waiting for my sister’s husband to pick me up.

Nice old fellow, a tenant of my building, sat down next to me. His first sentence he’d ever spoken to me was “Did you hear that they’re taking my testicles off on Thursday?” I responded that I had not. He continued “yep, don’t use them much anymore after the Mrs died”.

Mercifully at that moment my brother in law drove up.”

9. First meeting.

“My therapist told me how she ran two people over, killing one and paralyzing the other, during our first meeting.”

10. Not creepy at all.

“Dude whipped out a picture from his suit. It was of a naked woman spread eagle on a bear rug.

He said girls will do all sorts of things for a quick buck and if interested, we could go in for a photo shoot.

Never met him before or since. He was like showing me his favorite pet.”

11. Don’t drink and drive.

“I was working construction with this older guy who was telling me about his dream to open a car detailing shop.

As the conversation continued he revealed that he couldn’t for something like 10 years because he killed someone drinking and driving and had just gotten out of prison.

He was working really hard at getting to a better place but in the last few years I’ve seen him around town drunk.

I hope you can find your way back to that dream Billy.”

12. Brutal.

“That her dad was a sheriff, raped her on the regular, and she had many miscarriages because of it. I think it was our third day working together, we had a shift alone and she was a talker.

Usually she spouted nonsense but she busted the above out like she was telling me how her dad taught her to ride a bike. I was speechless and kept my head down in my work while she started on another topic.

I later learned she was a pathological liar but I had never really heard rape mentioned casually and it threw me off.”

13. Grandpa.

“Offered to kill someone for me and admitted to a previous murder.

I was ranting to my grandfather how much I hated the abusive scumbag guy my mom was dating, and my grandfather, completely sincerely, offered to shoot him for me.

He casually told me about how he’d shot and killed my grandmother’s first husband in the 60’s and gotten away with it, and how even if he did get caught at his age he didn’t give a fuck about prison.

(My grandmother’s first husband’s death was insanely suspicious and I have no doubt in my mind he was telling the truth. It’s been commonly held family legend for years that he was murdered.)

Needless to say, I did not take him up on this offer.”

14. This is terrible.

“I was on a date with a girl and everything was going okay. Not amazing but definitely still in the range of a second date.

At some point, the conversation wasn’t even sexual, she said that one of her favorite memories was regularly letting an older guy tie her up in the backseat and drive around sharing her with random people off the street when she was fifteen.

It was at that point I decided there would not be a second date.”

People are…weird.

Do you have any stories like this?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.