People Are Tattooing Their Astrological Sign onto Their Face


Tattoos are so common these days that no one even gives them a second glance. I see corporate guys walking around with tatted-up hands and necks. What used to be reserved for sailors, bikers, and ex-cons is now mainstream – except for one part of the body that is still pretty off-limits for most people: the face.

But a new trend in face tattooing is so subtle you might not even notice it. People are now getting freckles tattooed on their faces in the pattern of their astrological sign.

For real.

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@magickbrows is now offering Astro Frecks! @magickbrows came up with the idea to tattoo star signs as freckles! Astro Frecks have already been featured in Cosmo, Bustle, Allure, Glamour, Teen Vogue, MSN Yahoo and Buzzfeed. Jessica works by appointment only, so email her at magickbrows@gmail.com to get yours✨ . . . #depottowntattoo #magickbrows #ypsireal #michigantattooers #ypsilanti #cosmetictattoo #freckles #astrology #freckletattoo #AstroFrecks

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They’re called “AstroFrecks,” and they look like natural freckles on a person’s mug. Apparently, freckles are “hot” in the modeling and entertainment industry, so a lot of people are doing this to look more attractive.

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When your client sends you a healed freckles shot & she looks SO CUTE YOU CANT EVEN HANDLE IT ??✨All my girls are the prettiest ?

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The AstroFrecks look natural and are basically permanent, though they will fade over time.

What do you think of this new trend? Cool or bizarre?

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