People from Texas Are Royally Struggling with the Snow


Bless the people in parts of the country that don’t know how to deal with the cold weather and all the elements that come with it. Not only are they unaccustomed to the snow and ice, but a lot of Texans don’t even own the proper tools to de-ice their cars (and their sidewalks). It all adds up to some funny moments for us who know the winter struggle all too well. Take a look at some of these poor souls and the clever ways they had to improvise so they could get to work. Let’s give them some credit for using household items to get ice off of their vehicles.

Photo Credit: Twitter, r_johnsss

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This one looks painstaking.

Photo Credit: Twitter, JJWatt

Some people on Twitter offered their advice for how to deal with the situation.

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And, of course, people up North had to make fun of the whole mess.

Photo Credit: Twitter, leftygurl07

Let’s all cross our fingers and hope Texans will be a little more prepared next time they get a nasty storm.

h/t: Distractify