People Think This Cat Eats Like a Hungry Hippo

Cats can be dainty and delicate creatures, walking expertly on tightropes and dodging obstacles with their little paws with ease.

But some cats really like to take life by the horns. Take this four-legged friend below, for example. He really doesn’t like to waste time while eating — who has time for teeny tiny little bites anyway?

This video posted by Twitter user Luke in Philadelphia is catching fire on the internet, thanks to this cat’s ginormous bites.

People pointed out that he looks like a very large snake eating his food:

Others joked that he’s probably not even tasting his food whatsoever:

One person shared their cat eating delicately off of a fork — and he’s even holding it with his paw:

Apparently eating like a hippo is fairly common behavior for cats, as other Twitter users shared their own photos and videos:

One person shared a video of a cat singing while he eats:

One user pointed out that it could be related to the cat’s previous situation, such as if they were a stray and living on their own:

Others had the same idea and suggested that the owner feed this at separately to prevent resource guarding:

And other people pointed out the black cat’s hilarious reaction to the whole situation:

Other people said they can totally relate to this cat:

Well, no matter why this cat eats the way he does, one thing is certain: He brought some joy to the internet with his antics, even if just for a few seconds.

Do your pets have any eccentric habits, during mealtime or otherwise? Any little quirks that you’ve never encountered before? Let us know in the comments!

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