People Used to Make Pickle and Butter Sandwiches

Photo Credit: Pexels

You’ve probably put a few dozen pickles slices atop your lunch meat on sandwiches throughout your lifetime. But did you know there was a time in America’s history when people ate sandwiches that contained just … pickles?

Yes, that’s right, pickle sandwiches, with nothing else except for maybe a little butter.

It’s true and that’s actually why some pickles are called “bread and butter” pickles. Mind blown!

These pickles sandwiches were cheap and easy to make, which is why they were a popular choice during the Great Depression.

Writes cookbook author Amy Thielen,

“Pickle sandwiches are born out of the farmhouse kitchen table.

The ever-present stack of sliced homemade white bread, the butter, the fermented dill pickles…it doesn’t take a scientific mind to put them together into a sandwich.”

See, it’s just that easy!

Other people prefer to make their pickle sandwiches with dill pickles, or some other form of fat, like cream cheese or peanut butter.

It seems like there would be a lot of flavors mixing together, but some people swear these combinations really work!

Have you ever thought of making a sandwich with just pickles and butter? What other seemingly strange sandwich concepts do you eat?

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