12 People Who Are Acting Like Idiots During the Lockdown

©Unsplash,Daniel Lincoln

We all know what’s going on right now and it’s terrible, tragic, and infuriating.

And people who are acting selfish and refusing to accept what’s going on are just making things worse, in my humble opinion.

I understand that people are frustrated, but buying into conspiracy theories and showing a huge lack of regard and compassion for your fellow citizens is NOT a good way to vent.

In fact, it’s pretty disrespectful.

Here are some examples of people who are really behaving badly during the current crisis.

Have a laugh at these folks and in the meantime, try to stay positive out there!

1. This guy seems pretty cool.

By the way, DO NOT listen to him.

2. Sorry to rain on your parade.

The whole wedding planning process with her is gonna be a real hoot.

Bridezillas dress shopping > Employees health and safety from bridezillas

3. This is totally out of control.

Some people…I tell ya…

4. Gotta love these folks.

Bleach or a vaccine? You decide!

5. A real bleeding heart.

What an asshole.

6. That’s why you don’t HOARD items.

Karma is a bitch.

7. You can do it anywhere!

So go do it at home!

8. Now we’re never going to meet.

It really blows my mind that some people think this is all fake.

I’m never trying dating apps again from facepalm

9. Never heard of Photoshop, I see…

Think before you comment, people…

Did she look at the picture at all??? from facepalm

10. This is totally “peak Karen.”

Way to set a good example.

Peak Karen from facepalm

11. The future looks bright.

Way to go, young people!

12. Just stay home!

Apparently, people can’t follow these rules.

I don’t say this too often, but a lot of people out there are total morons, aren’t they?


It really makes you shake your head…