People Who Have Been Declared Missing Talk About What Happened

Now, this should be very interesting.

Sometimes late at night, I find myself reading stories about missing people and they are pretty terrifying…

And now we’re about to get some true stories from people who have actually gone missing themselves. Hang on tight, I think this is going to be quite a ride.

Let’s take a look at these stories from folks on AskReddit.

1. I’m just on vacation!

“I was on vacation for 3 weeks.

In the 2nd week my Boss called me and asked if everything is ok because the police called them and told Them that i was declared missing.

My neighbor called the police because he didn’t hear me for over a week and was worried about me… was kind of a good feeling.”

2. I bet you were in trouble.

“I was eight and on vacation.

Decided to go for a walk without telling anyone. Played all afternoon an the beach. Came back at night.

Ooo boy, was everyone mad.”

3. A terrible day.

“The day the Boston Marathon got bombed, the cell network crashed because of so many people trying to find loved ones.

Now, I was a student in Boston at the time, and I was also a volunteer EMT. So I got called into service and only had time to call my father before the network crashed. My dad called my mom and sister, but not my friends or any of my extended family.

Hours later when the networks stabilized, I had voicemails and texts from all up and down the east coast: “where are you are you ok??” “Are you part of the EMT response??” “What’s going on??” Aunts, uncles, my boyfriend… And I’m just like “listen, everyone, I’m out RESPONDING TO A TERRORIST ATTACK, can y’all talk to each other??””

4. Runaway.

“I ran away from home due to my alcoholic stepmom.

My dad would always file a missing person report and cops would eventually find me and bring me home. At 15 I was homeless for 6 months and selling acid for food and a place to stay. Was still better than dealing with my step mom.

She drank herself to death and I found peace.”

5. Rehab.

“I went to rehab. I don’t know why I didn’t think to tell anyone, but I was a drug addict so my brain was mush.

My (now ex) boyfriend was the only person who knew. About a week in, I got called into the main office at the rehab and was told that my mother got a hold of them freaking out and telling them that I had been missing for a month (she was exaggerating), but they legally weren’t allowed to tell her that I was there, so I had to call her to explain the situation.

When I got out, I had messages from tons of people asking if I was alive and found out even my old job was contacted lol. I found out that my best friend and my brother messaged my (ex) bf, and he ignored them and never told me that they contacted him.

If he had, I would’ve told him to tell them where I was and the whole thing could’ve been avoided. I felt really bad about the whole situation because it stressed a lot of people out.”

6. A new life.

“I left the abusive household I grew up in, leaving a note clearly stating my intentions to never return.

An hour or two later I received a call from the police stating that I’d been declared missing. I explained to them my circumstances and they wished me well.

Since I was of age, I was free. It’ll be three years soon.”

7. Scary.

“I took my three children and did a flit to get away from their father who had attempted to kill me in front of them. I drove around 150 miles away.

We were given a room in a woman’s refuge in a coastal town. While the processing papers went through the children asked to go to the beach.

Even though it was November and cold they were happily making sandcastles when I noticed a photographer. He kept directing the camera towards us, but casually tracked away when I looked up.

I was worried that the photos could give away our location, so went to speak to him, but I couldn’t catch up so left it. I found out later that I had been reported as missing and a danger to the children by their father.

We did not stay in the refuge long as I never felt completely safe there after that.”

8. A bit lost.

“I went out drinking and ended up partying with some friends I ran into. I got quite drunk and a bit lost, so I put myself up in a hotel.

I had turned off my cellphone.It was that time between Christmas and New Years, and my grandmother and mom were apparently losing their minds that I didn’t come home. They managed to badger the cops into listing me as missing.

My dad was like “meh, he has my car, if he crashes, we will hear, he’s probably shacked up in a hotel with a girl or a hangover”

he wasn’t wrong LOL.Once I was home, I had to have one of the sheriffs come by to validate I was alive.

This cute sheriff is in the kitchen, and gets my ID etc, and she’s trying to give me a lecture, but we’re basically the same age. I told her “well, you see i got hammered and went and found a hotel so I wouldn’t drive drunk”. She thought that was brilliant.

Anyway, we are chatting, she pulls out a business card, puts her number on the back and says: “are you doing anything over new years?” LOL

What a great nye! We had a blast. I almost didn’t want to go home to Canada.”

9. Decided to end it.

“About 6 years ago, I hit a really nasty bottom in my addiction (alcohol).

I decided to end it and broke contact with everyone as I drank myself to death. When my family found the room I was staying in, it was covered in blood (I was throwing up blood) and the police suspected that I had killed myself and gone somewhere to die.

In the meantime, in some state, I had crawled into the road covered in blood and was taken to the ICU for a week until they put the pieces together and notified my family.

Fun times…”

10. In the woods.

“When I was young, probably about 6 I think, my family went on vacation to Yosemite.

We stayed in a small cabin at a campground. I met another kid who was a bit older than me, and we went exploring. Apparently we went a bit too far, and eventually ran into a bear cub. We just stood and stared at each other for a few minutes and went our separate ways.

When I got back to the cabin, I found out that park rangers had been out looking for me because my parents had no idea where I was. For some reason they didn’t think my bear story was as cool as I did.”

11. Broken heart.

“When I was a teenager, I got my stupid heart broken really bad. As a young & dumb teen, I skipped school and drank at this sketchy little bar not too far from school. Got sh*t-faced, lost track of time, phone died.

When my parents noticed that I didn’t come home, they came to my school to ask if I was still there. When they were told that I didn’t come to class that day, they thought I ran away from home.

They were driving around looking for me and saw me drunk as sh*t puking my guts out on a sidewalk. Man, that was one hell of an *ss whooping.”

12. Lost at the beach.

“I was 7 in Ocean City, Maryland.

My Dad took the kids for a huge cousin vacation without my Mom for the first and last time, ever.

Being a very responsible 7 year old I was tasked with washing the sand toys in the ocean water before we packed up, but I also have zero sense of direction and the beach was packed.

I became turned around near the water and just started walking, and kept walking. I remembered being told not to talk to strangers so I walked for 37 blocks until I found a lifeguard that looked familiar.

Apparently I was missing and she knew exactly who I was when I told her I was lost.”

13. Needed to get away.

“I had a mental breakdown in 2015 after loosing a job, after having a hard year, so I packed a bag, got on my motorbike & rode to a party spot (Gold coast)

I got out enough cash to hold me over for a week & turned off my mobile before I left town. I spent a whole week just hitting the beach, partying, hitting bars & clubs, I stayed at a backpacker hostel & hung out with random backpackers, overall it was an amazing & refreshing week.

I left to ride back home, just before the great dividing range I got pulled over by the cops. Turns out, my two coworkers I saw after I got fired were worried, so they came by my house, just to check up on me, my housemates then didn’t see me for a few days (after being told that I’d been fired) so they searched town & reported me to the cops as missing.

I had a known history if depression & suicidal tendencies. The cops searched through my records, mo mobile phone activity, no social media activity, no contact with family members. So it turns out while I was off trying to just escape my sh*tty life for a week, everyone thought I’d killed myself or something.

My license plat number was flagged, so when I went past the highway patrol it must have come up on their computer to pull me over. The cop was actually quite nice, he mainly just wanted to know I was ok, he called in & had me removed as a missing person (in Australia once you’re listed as a missing person you have to be sighted & verified by a police officer to be removed).

I got home 8 hours later to a lot of worried people, I honestly thought no one gave a f*ck about me, if I knew it was going to cause so much trouble I would have at least left a note.”

14. Yard work.

“I forget how old I was but I was probably around 10.

My friend and I started raking leaves for cash around our suburban neighborhood. We kept going house to house asking anyone who had a tree in their yard if they wanted them raked for $5.

We eventually went to so many houses we got ourselves lost within the criss cross streets of the neighborhood since we really never left our block of houses beforehand. Then the sun set and we found ourselves lost trying to recognize street names or anything familiar in the dark with only street lights lighting the way.

Eventually as were wandering lost we hear cop sirens and lights blare and pull over and ask for our names. We got picked up and taken back to our houses. It felt like a long drive to us 10 year olds but in reality it was like 4 blocks lol

Boy did we get the biggest scolding ever and our parents took our hard earned money…”

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