15 People With ‘Dirty’ Last Names Share The Problems That Happen In Their Lives

Image Credit: Twitter

There are many obstacles and challenges that can arise from one’s name – from initials that spell something untoward, nicknames no one anticipated, or yes, names that sound “dirty” or that can be read that way, there’s always someone out there ready to make a joke about something you had zero control over.

Thanks guys, real mature.

These 15 people have a sense of humor about it, though, so go ahead and laugh.

Cause, I mean…it’s pretty funny.

15. Feelings.

14. And this guy, too.

13. When you have to misspell your own name.

12. Yikes.

11. So fun.

10. This is legit hilarious.

9. So real.

8. So much for an accepting learning environment.

7. Who knew this name was so common?

6. I didn’t think about autocorrect!

5. That’s a little on the nose…

4. Whoa. That doesn’t seem right.

3. E tu, Xbox?

2. As you should.

1. Awful.

Don’t be that person, y’all!