Person Asks if They’re a Jerk for Rejecting a Gift From Their Dad’s Girlfriend

Gifts are supposed to make us feel good and are supposed to come from the heart, right?

At least that’s what I think…

But sometimes gifts can feel like a slap in the face…

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AITA for rejecting a gift my dad’s girlfriend made me?

“Hey, I want a perspective on this issue that I have had the other day. I honestly understand why my dad is mad at me but I just don’t want to put up with this anymore, and some members of the family are siding with them.

My dad’s girlfriend is a person who is kind of difficult to be with. She is usually very entitled and she describes herself as honest when she is just mean. And she usually body shames us.

To some context, she was a very fat girl who suffered bullying about her weight. This made her change her lifestyle to an extremely “healthy” one: She goes 6 days a week to the gym and barely eats. She has gone to a ton of nutrition professionals and comes back super mad because apparently, they told her that she needs to eat more protein/vegetables/whatever. Plus, she kinda h**es the fact that she doesn’t have a waist like a Kardashian (Like she has a super unrealistic beauty standard).

Of course, she has lost a ton of weight and she is a very beautiful woman, even before her weight loss journey. Sadly, her personality changed a lot: She h**es people that are fat or that don’t work out or that are comfortable with having a little fat on their bodies. I say h**e because she literally h**es it, thinks that all fat people are miserable in their lives and that people that don’t go to the gym are unhappy with themselves.

To be clear, I am not an athletic person. I do not work out and I don’t feel the need to burn every calorie that I eat, so I am not precisely thin, more like a medium girl. And every-f***-time I come here she is in my room telling me: “You should have thinner arms, so you are more attractive”, “You should consider a breast reduction and have some fat removed from the butt, just saying”, “I love your waist but is purely because of the fat you have in there if you lost it you would be a square” and a lot more.

This Saturday I turn 19, and my dad and she came to give me my present early. She got me a dress that was extremely tiny, like an XS (When I am visibly an L), and she proceeds to tell me “Happy early birthday! I bought it 1 size smaller so you can motivate yourself into losing some weight, so no need to have cake today or Saturday haha. And no exchange is possible so you can have more motivation!”.

I just smiled and thanked her but told her I didn’t want it, I felt very pressured by her and I didn’t think she came to me in a friendly type of way. I am happy with my body and I don’t care if I am fat or thin in her eyes. She was shocked and went to their car to wait for my dad. He later called me and told me that I was very ungrateful and that she just was trying to help. I told him that she wasn’t, she just can’t stand people that are not like her.

I want to clarify that I don’t h**e her at all, but she needs to stop body-shaming people. It is not normal to be this obsessed with other people’s weight and I am sorry to be comfortable with having a tummy or wider legs, but that doesn’t bother her existence so she has to leave me alone.


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