Person Asks if They’re Wrong for Refusing to Invite a Childhood Friend to Their Birthday Party

Some people can’t take a hint, huh?

And some “friendships” should just be left in the past…

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AITA for refusing to invite a “childhood friend” to my birthday?

“My birthday is in a few weeks. My mom and I went out for Bloody Mary’s yesterday and ran into someone she used to be friends with.

I’ll call her Wendy. Wendy has a daughter Linny and when I was a kid I was forced to be friends with Linny. Apparently we’re the same age but she always acted babyish which kinda annoyed me. When I was like 12ish I stopped going when my mom would do stuff with them. Well she stopped dragging me along.

Wendy started going on and on about how she can’t believe how her daughter and I are both grown now.

My mom said “yea, her (my) birthday is coming up and I can’t believe how old she is”.

Wendy asked if I was doing anything for my birthday. I assumed she was just making conversation so said meeting with some friends and going to different bars.

Then she said “well Linny just moved back to town and is looking to meet people, maybe she can meet up with you on your birthday.”

I just said “eh I’m not sure where we’ll be and when so…”

She said “then give me your number and I’ll give it to Linny so she can call or text you to see where you are”.

I said “eh nah, that’s ok maybe some other time” REALLY hoping she’d take a hint.

She said “no no this is perfect, meet up with an old friend and meet new people, just give me your number”.

I sorta sighed and said “look I don’t really want her to go, when we were kids and I was forced to hangout with her. I don’t consider her a childhood friend”.

Wendy looked at my mom and my mom said “you weren’t really forced, just encouraged “.

Wendy said “sorry I was just trying to help you guys reconnect, Linny doesn’t have many people to hangout with since all her old friends moved on, have a good birthday “. Then walked away.

My mom said I was unnecessarily rude and should have just given her my number and not answered her call/text if I didn’t want Linny there.

I feel like I was TRYING to be nice about it and she didn’t get it so I had to be blunt.


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